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For an overview of .223 ammunition types in various Fallout games, see .223 round.

.223 FMJ is the only type of .223 caliber ammunition in Fallout and Fallout 2.


With a full metal jacket and a huge bonus to Damage Resistance and Armor Class reduction, the .223 FMJ is an ideal round that has a gun fit for almost every occasion. This makes most weapons associated with it very ideal to use.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit



  • On the floor at the end of the radscorpion cave
  • On the floor in Vault 15, next to some boulders on levels two and three.
  • Found in a bookshelf in the Shady Sands guard barracks.
  • Many raiders use the ammunition.
  • Found in The Glow.
  • Found in the The Hub's cathedral\hospital.
  • Given by Michael as part of the daily issue.
  • Can be bought at the Fortress.
  • Killian Darkwater may sell the ammunition.
  • Beth may sell the ammunition.
  • Jake may sell the ammunition.
  • The shopkeeper may sell the ammunition.

Fallout 2Edit


In Fallout, ammunition modifiers are not applied properly, which makes the .223 equal to any other kind of ammunition.

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