For an overview of combat knives, see combat knife.
For the Fallout 2 character, see Lil' Jesus Mordino.

This wicked looking blade once belonged to Lil' Jesus Mordino. It has numerous nicks and cuts along its surface, but its edge is razor sharp. On its handle is carved "Little Jesus."Fallout 2 description

"Little Jesus" is a unique melee weapon in Fallout 2.


"Little Jesus" is a unique combat knife. Its damage rating surpasses those of all other non-powered single-handed melee weapons available to the Chosen One and gains the Weapon Penetrate perk. Visually, Little Jesus' inventory graphic has a light red grip, compared to the standard combat knife's dark grey grip, but otherwise, they use the same animation frames as other knives.


Found on Lil' Jesus Mordino in New Reno.

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