"Air Purifier" project delays is a holodisk in Fallout 76.




Edie Bachmann: Penny. It's Edie. Things are looking... bad for the test launch. Dominick locked his system down tight when he found out... the real plan for we had for purifiers. We're trying to manually reestablish access to his terminal... But that's going to require some serious juice. And with your father hogging all the power for his Motherlode project, well, we've got a couple of options.

Option one -- if you can get me the materials for one of those Ignition Cores the research boys came up with... I could plug into that test reactor on the second floor to power the decryption system. I've already got the schematics sitting on my bench; all I need's the parts.

Otherwise... otherwise, we're going to need to track down that luddite and get the password directly. I think Dom was staying in a trailer down by the Nuka-Cola plant. The call's yours to make, Penny, and we should make it fast. Your father already thinks this project's been a waste. It's time we showed them what the real future of this company looks like.

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