[COMPLETE] PTS Maintenance & Patch Notes (March 24, 2021)

Maintenance is now complete, thank you everyone!

Hello everyone!

We are bringing the PTS offline at 11 a.m. ET to perform maintenance. You will be unable to access the game at that time. We expect maintenance to last about 1 hour.

Here are some high-level updates we’ve included in this patch:


  • Allies: Fixed an issue where scrapping an ally could unassign items if you had another C.A.M.P. Slot with that same Ally.
  • Items: Fixed an issue where players could assign more items than expected to some items.  
  • Items: Players can now assign the expected number of items to newly crafted functional STASH activators such as kegs and punch bowls.  
  • Vending/Displays: Players can no longer assign items to both a vendor and a display case.  
  • Vending: Taking from a vended stack should no longer remove the whole stack from being for sale.
  • Vending: Players C.A.M.P.s with multiple vendors no longer appear to have more items for sale than they do.
  • UI: The Number of slots used should now correctly display for vending, Refrigerators, and other like items.

Daily Ops

  • Animation: Added a new event start animation when the player joins a Daily Ops.  
  • Decryption Difficulty: Made a series of changes to normalize the difficulty and time to combat across different location sizes.  
  • Enemies: Scorched Boss weapon fire projectiles from the correct position.
  • Enemies: Enemies no longer lose aggro when they get close to the throne room in Burrows.
  • Enemies: Enemies no longer respawn during the final boss fight.
  • Enemies: Number of enemies to kill during "Track and Eliminate" objectives have been raised.
  • Enemies: Enemy spawn numbers raised in medium and large sized locations.
  • Enemies: Added more variety to Code Carrier spawn locations.
  • Enemies: Doubled health of non-boss Code Carrier enemies.
  • Enemies: Made final boss / Code Carrier always spawn near the final Radio Interceptor.  
  • HUD: Quest Targets now show on Scorched enemies in Decryption.
  • Respawning: Dying and respawning at final boss fight now places you near the final boss / objective.

SPECIAL Loadouts

  • Over encumbered: Fixed an issue that would cause players to incorrectly become over-encumbered even though they were below their max carry weight


  • Melee: Melee weapons will no longer only damage leg limb conditions


  • Pip-Boy: Items acquired from drop bags and vending machines now show in the “New” tab.
  • Map: Players can now join events through their Map icons.


  • Broken Objects: Various object objectives can now be fixed again. (Such as the pipes in Feed the People and  Meditation Hubs in Guided Meditation.)


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