Hey Sakaratte, how do you do?

I kind of disappeared, what's new? I noticed there's no live chat anymore n the english community, what happened? "Those nasty roaches" caused some havoc? General9913 (Talk | Contribs) 04h11min de 2 de novembro de 2017 (UTC)

Informal Issue[editar código-fonte]

Hello there Sakaratte, this is Alex's farther speaking again, I deeply apologise about the recent events that unfolded on the Fallout Wiki. I could see there was an issue about his profile's talk page. Yes I myself read the community guidlines which was why I never touched them during the short duration of my stay their. 

As of today I will be again taking over as my son is going through some tough times at school as it's his last year of secondary education. 

Quick update, for some unusual reason I have recieved a block. Is there something particular I have just done? I archived my talk page as It was turing out to be quite mixed with the Ban talk etc. Is there any chance we could talk Sakartte? I personally would like to talk to you again. Thank you

Seegson Executive Alex (discussão) 22h32min de 5 de Abril de 2018 (UTC)

Olá, agredeço pela ajuda na página da Igreja da Prole do Átomo, a qual comecei a contribuir com a tradução e adaptação para o português.

Hello, I'm glad for the help on the page of the Church of the Children of the Atom, which I began to contribute with the translation and adaptation to portuguese.

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