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Gametitle-FNV LR

This is your road. When you come, you'll walk it alone.


Lonesome Road é a quarta e ultima DLC do Fallout: New Vegas, desenvolvido pela Obsidian Entertainment e distribuído pela Bethesda Softworks. Originalmente programada para lançamento em julho de 2011,[1] Lonesome Road foi adiada e subsequentemente anunciada para lançamento em agosto.[2] Mais tarde foi anunciado que a DLC foi adiada uma segunda vez.[3] Ela foi finalmente lançada simultaneamente em todas as plataformas no dia 20 de setembro de 2011. Ela conclui o arco da história iniciado em Dead Money cronologicamente, finalmente respondendo todos os presságios dados nas DLCs anteriores.[4]


Lonesome Road completa a história do Courier quando você é contatado pelo "Courier Six" original, um homem conhecido como Ulysses, um antigo Frumentarius de Caesar quem se recusou a entregar a Platinum chip no inicio da história principal em Fallout: New Vegas. Em sua transmissão, Ulysses promete responder o porque, mas apenas, se você fizer um último trabalho - um trabalho que o leve às profundezas do Divide, um local dilacerado por frequentes terremotos e tempestades violentas. Esta é a localização lendária da batalha entre o Courier e Ulysses.[5] A estrada ao Divide é longa e traiçoeira, poucos são bravos o suficiente para se aventurar nela. e nenhum jamais voltou. A primeira quest desta DLC começa com a The Reunion.


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Artigo principal: The Divide



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Nome Requerimento Pontos da conquista Tipo de troféu Imagem
ED-Ecated Encontre todas as melhorias do ED-E no Divide 20 Bronze Ed-Ecated
Condemned to Repeat It Decida o destino de todos os Divide Dwellers 20 Bronze Condemned to Repeat It
Hometown Hero Complete Lonesome Road 30 Gold Hometown Hero
Rocket's Red Glare Adquira todas as melhorias da Red Glare 25 Silver Rockets Red Glare
Warhead Hunter Detone todas as ogivas do Divide 30 Silver Warhead Hunter


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Desafios do Fallout: New Vegas


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Quest ID
Icon gray x
The Reunion Canyon wreckage Radio Signal 10 XP xx003603
Icon gray x
The Silo The Divide Pip-Boy 2200 XP xx003617
Icon gray x
The Job Hopeville missile silo bunker Ulysses 2310 XP xx00360f
Condemned to Repeat It
The Launch High Road Ulysses 4400 XP xx0039e3
Icon gray x
The Tunnelers Cave of the Abaddon Pip-Boy 2200 XP xx003613
Icon gray x
The Divide Ashton silo control station Pip-Boy 4400 XP xx003610
Icon gray x
The Courier Ulysses' Temple Pip-Boy 2200 XP xx003616
Hometown Hero
The End Ulysses' Temple Pip-Boy 5000 XP, a footlocker containing various unique items, +1 SPECIAL Point,
+ Brotherhood of Steel fame, and Followers of the Apocalypse fame.
Hometown Hero
The Apocalypse Ulysses' Temple Pip-Boy 5000 XP

Courier duster, Ulysses' duster, Ulysses' mask
+1 SPECIAL Point,
Access to the Long 15 and/or Dry Wells
Boomers and Powder Ganger fame (both targets only)
NCR fame (targeted Legion)
Legion fame (targeted NCR)
NCR and Legion infamy (depending on which ones you targeted)



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Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Base ID
Ain't Like That Now 50 Karma less than -250 1 Karma reset to 0, +25% AP regeneration rate, +20% attack speed, immunity to critical hits, 20% reduction in AP cost for all weapons. xx00a749
Alertness 12 PE between 6 and 9 1 +2 Perception when crouched and still. xx00c252
Broad Daylight 36 1 No Sneak penalty for using Pip-Boy light. xx00a6df
Burden to Bear 30 ST 6, EN 6 1 +50 carry weight. xx00c250
Certified Tech 40 1 +25% critical hit chance against robots, 85% chance of finding an extra crafting component on destroyed robots. xx00a6de
Irradiated Beauty 22 EN 8 1 Sleep removes all Rads (Hardcore: only -100 Rads). xx00c255
Just Lucky I'm Alive 50 Karma between -250 and 250 1 +4 Luck for 3 minutes upon finishing a battle with less than 25% health; immunity to critical hits, +50% critical damage. xx00c24f
Lessons Learned 26 IN 6 1 +1% XP gain per player level. xx00c256
Roughin' It 28 Survival 100 1 Sleeping outside gives Well Rested benefit. xx00c251
Thought You Died 50 Karma at least 250 1 +10 Health per 100 Karma; Karma reset to 0, +10% damage, immunity to critical hits. xx00c24e
Tunnel Runner 26 AG 8 1 +25% sneaking speed when wearing light or no armor. xx00c258
Voracious Reader 22 IN 7 1 Damaged books become blank magazines; can copy existing magazines into blank magazines. xx00c253
Walker Instinct 18 Survival 50 1 +1 Perception and Agility when outside. xx00c254

Special perksEditar

Name Unlock conditions Ranks Benefit Base ID
The Bear-Slayer Launch nuclear missiles at NCR. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Caesar's Legion Fame, NCR Infamy xx00c25b
Dead Man's Burden Launch nuclear missiles at both Caesar's Legion and NCR. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Boomers and Powder Gangers Fame, Caesar's Legion and NCR Infamy xx00c25a
Divide Survivor Stop the missile launch. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, Brotherhood of Steel and Followers of the Apocalypse Fame xx00c25c
Lonesome Road Leave ED-E behind in Ulysses' Temple. 1 +10% damage and +10% V.A.T.S. hit chance when you have no companions. xx00a6dc
Marked Kill three named Marked Men. 1 +10% damage and +10% DT against Marked Men xx00a6dd
Scourge of the East Launch nuclear missiles at Caesar's Legion. 1 +1 SPECIAL point, NCR Fame, Caesar's Legion Infamy xx00c259

Companion perksEditar

Name Follower Ranks Benefit Base ID
Camarader-E ED-E 5
  1. ED-E repairs 25% weapon condition once per day
  2. ED-E produces energy or microfusion cells once per day
  3. +2 DT
  4. +5 beam weapon damage
  5. +5% V.A.T.S. hit chance


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  • Suggested level for all platforms is 25.
  • Like all major Fallout: New Vegas add-ons, Lonesome Road raises the level cap by 5.[6]
  • The player's equipment is not stripped at the beginning of the add-on, and the gameplay has a linear structure. See exception below.[7]
  • The player can leave the Divide at any time during the add-on without having completed it, and can return afterwards, except when they are about to face Ulysses. (The game will ask player to proceed or not before they enter)
  • The player may also return to the Divide upon completion of the DLC.
  • Lonesome Road does not extend gameplay past the game's original ending.[8]
  • Lonesome Road can affect part of the Mojave Wasteland after completing the main quest.[9]
  • Companions are not allowed into the add-on, as with all the other add-ons in Fallout: New Vegas.[10]
  • As with each of the quest extending New Vegas add-ons, Lonesome Road features a unique snow globe. This is also the last one in the set.
  • Unlike the rest of the add-ons, Lonesome Road does not feature an opening narration. Instead ED-E's recorded messages serves as the opening to the add-on's story.
  • It is implied through the Old World Blues ending that the events of Lonesome Road canonically take place after the three previous add-ons, as the final line spoken is "Only one road yet remained, and it was one the Courier had to walk alone," as the image onscreen is the Old World flag, a symbol often referring to Ulysses, the main focus of Lonesome Road. However, the add-ons can be completed in any order.
  • Likely due to its close proximity to the Mojave Wasteland, Lonesome Road is the only add-on in which you may listen to both Mojave Music Radio and Radio New Vegas while visiting. As with all other add-ons, The mysterious broadcast may also be heard if Old World Blues is installed.
  • The graffiti outside the Canyon Wreckage was there since the game's launch, showing that the DLC was planned well ahead of release.


Canyon wreckage




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