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Esta é a transcrição de um arquivo de diálogo, o qual, contêm mensagens in-game relacionadas a scripts e itens ou a diálogos de personagens não jogáveis durante o gameplay.

Diálogo de Ismarc, um cantor encontrado no Skum Pitt em Junktown


{100}{}{You see a thin, angry-looking man.}
{101}{}{You see Ismarc.}
{103}{}{Yeah, what do you want?}
{104}{}{Hey, good singing.}
{105}{}{Your singing makes my ears bleed.}
{106}{}{Never mind.}
{108}{}{Oh, great. You don't know how gratified that makes me. Go away.}
{109}{}{Thanks. What can I do for ya?}
{110}{}{Do you do music anywhere else?}
{111}{}{Just felt like tossing some money in the hat, so to speak.}
{112}{}{Where did you learn to sing?}
{113}{}{Thanks for your time.}
{114}{}{What?!? I don't have time for this.}
{115}{}{Yeah, I sing at the Hub sometimes, and I've visited the Brotherhood of Steel and Adytum with the caravans. Why do you ask?}
{116}{}{Can you tell me how to get to the Hub?}
{117}{}{I need to know how to get to the Brotherhood.}
{118}{}{How do I get to Adytum?}
{119}{}{Um, never mind, thanks.}
{120}{}{The Hub? Oh, it's just a short distance down south of Junktown. What else?}
{121}{}{The Brotherhood is a couple days west and a little bit north of here. Don't go there, though. They won't let you in unless you're with a caravan. You need anything else?}
{122}{}{Hmm. Head southwest of the Hub. Adytum is part of the Boneyard. It's a small, semi-industrial town. I didn't like it much there. What else do you want?}
{123}{}{Hey, thanks. It's hard being a starving artist. You got anything you need to know, you just ask.}
{124}{}{I appreciate the thought and all, but you're strapped worse than I am.}
{125}{}{Ah, I picked it up here and there. Learned a little from an old singer at the Hub, and got some music from the scavs in Adytum, in the Boneyard. You know. Just takes some practice.}
{126}{}{There is a man singing raucously in the corner.}
{127}{}{Your head is a bowl!}
{128}{}{It's round like a mole!}
{129}{}{I'd rather fry!}
{130}{}{Than pay you the toll!}
{131}{}{I know your mind}
{132}{}{It's a steel cage}
{133}{}{Raging inside is . . .}
{134}{}{The DeathClaw}
{135}{}{I need you}
{136}{}{Like a bad dose of poison}
{137}{}{I need you}
{138}{}{Like a rad scorpion strike}

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