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Esta página apresenta a lista de holodiscos e anotações do Fallout: New Vegas, o jogo da série Fallout desenvolvido pela Obsidian Entertainment.
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Informação geral

Em Fallout: New Vegas, pegar holodiscos e anotações em papel os adicionará a categoria "Misc" em seu Pip-Boy 3000, na área de "Data".


cutIcon cutCortado da versão final do jogo ou DLC.
In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sicNome escrito como está no jogo, mesmo com seu nome em jogo escrito da forma errada ou gramaticalmente incorreta.
imageIcon imageHolodisco/anotação contêm uma imagem.
soundIcon soundHolodisco/anotação contêm som.
textIcon textHolodisco/anotação contêm texto escrito.


Para localizações e transcrições do conteúdo, acesse o artigo do holodisco/anotação.

Jogo base

Nome Quest relacionada G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
textIcon text A Tragedy Has Befallen All Mankind The House Has Gone Bust! vObituaryMrHouse 00166660
textIcon text About that bunker at Fortification Hill... vYesManBunkerNote 00177875
textIcon text Activation code I Put a Spell on You VMS08BombPassword 000f627c
textIcon text Alpha Station password cutIcon cut RSAlphaPassword 001167e1
textIcon text Ambassador Crocker's note VMS23CrockerNote 0011909a
textIcon text Ambassador Phillip Granger's final report VNCREmbassyDispatch1 0012b5af
textIcon text Ambassador Susanna Edith's final report VNCREmbassyDispatch2 0012b5b0
textIcon text Anderson's confession The White Wash VMS11AndersonNote 001618e4
soundIcon sound Automated solution response Democracy Inaction VVault11SolutionResponse 000e8b22
textIcon text Bravo Station password cutIcon cut RSBravoPassword 001167e2
textIcon text Big Sal's password VMS21BigSalsPassword 00119488
textIcon text Bill of sale One for My Baby VFreeformNovacBillOfSale 000b83cc
textIcon text Black Mountain investigation note cutIcon cut BMNCRTrooperNote 000e9c26
textIcon text Black Mountain prison password BMPrisonPasswordNote 000e60f2
textIcon text Cachino's journal How Little We Know VMS21CachinoJournal 000fa299
textIcon text Camp McCarran weapons manifest ContrerasComputerNote 000fd305
textIcon text Cassidy Caravans buyout offer You Can Depend on Me VMS05CassidyBuyoutNote 0015ca93
textIcon text Cerulean Robotics terminal access card Wang Dang Atomic Tango VFSFistoTerminalCardNote 001344a3
textIcon text Chairmen job offer VMQ01JessupNote 00116ff9
textIcon text Charlie Station password cutIcon cut RSCharliePassword 001167e3
textIcon text Charlie Station requsition list In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic VMSRSCharlieLogNote 00123e28
textIcon text Check on Ranger Station Charlie Andy and Charlie VFreeformNovacRangerStationNote 000ccfc9
soundIcon sound Chief Hanlon's confession Return to Sender VHanlonsConfession 0015867b
textIcon text Comm station password I Could Make You Care VMS49CommPassword 0014b049
textIcon text Corporal White's journal VMS11Note 000fc21c
textIcon text Corpse Retrieved A Final Plan for Esteban McCarranProperBurialNote 00162018
textIcon text Crimson Caravan - Van Graff agreement Heartache by the Number CassNoteCrimsonCaravan 0015d90a
textIcon text Crimson Caravan invoice You Can Depend on Me CrimsonCaravanHolotapeNV 000f2742
textIcon text Declaration of Vital Essence vNiptonParanoidNote 0013a6a0
textIcon text Delta Station password cutIcon cut RSDeltaPassword 001167e4
textIcon text Dermot's ledger The Coyotes VMS13Note 000f95c6
soundIcon sound Deputy Beagle's journal VMQ01BeagleJournalNote 001618bf
textIcon text Dr. Richards medical report VMS30RichardsMedicalReport 00127930
textIcon text Eastern reflector control terminal password That Lucky Old Sun VMS03HeliosTerminalEastPassword 000e361b
textIcon text Echo Station password cutIcon cut RSEchoPassword 001167e5
textIcon text Elaine's letter VNoteElaine 00162b5a
textIcon text Entry one in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal01 00161f8c
textIcon text Entry two in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal02 00161f8a
textIcon text Entry three in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal03 00161f8b
textIcon text Erasmus' logbook cutIcon cut VMSRSEchoClipboard 001210fd
textIcon text Ericsen's log cutIcon cut VMSRSBravoClipboard 001210fa
textIcon text Fine dining VStripEpicureNote 00162b5b
textIcon text First Sergeant Astor's log CampSearchlightAstorLog 00166d9b
textIcon text Food processor parts list Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans VFreeformMcCarranMessHallPartsListNote 000f5758
textIcon text For Carla VBooneLastLetterNote 0015fbaf
textIcon text Forged Jet theft note VFSForgedJetNote 001227af
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 1 VCFHTrooperNote01 001629c4
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 2 VCFHTrooperNote02 001629c5
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 3 VCFHTrooperNote03 001629c6
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 4 VCFHTrooperNote04 001629c7
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 5 VCFHTrooperNote05 001629c8
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 6 VCFHTrooperNote06 001629c9
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 7 VCFHTrooperNote07 001629ca
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 8 VCFHTrooperNote08 001629cb
textIcon text Forlorn Hope letter 9 VCFHTrooperNote09 00162abc
textIcon text Forlorn Hope mandate VCFHMandateNote 0016400a
textIcon text Foxtrot Station password cutIcon cut RSFoxtrotPassword 001167e6
textIcon text Frank Weathers' family Left My Heart NVCCFrankWeathersNote 000f839d
textIcon text Freeside squatter camp note VFSOffDutyNCRBarkerPasswordNote 0015c4af
textIcon text Getting Janet into Nellis Young Hearts vNellisJanetNote 001618e2
textIcon text Go with Captain Parker to arrest Keith Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastArrestNote 0014d9aa
textIcon text Halford's note Help for Halford DogTagFistNote 00148432
textIcon text Help me! SLBasincreek 0015cc27
textIcon text Henchman message to Andy Scabb Someone to Watch Over Me VOVNVAndyScabbNote01 0013e541
soundIcon sound Holotape SSHQAllenMarksHolo 0010291e
textIcon text Holotape cutIcon cut PowderGanger01Note 0010771c
textIcon text How to play Caravan CaravanRulesNote 00162c93
textIcon text Inventory transfer order VMS49GunNote 0014c122
textIcon text Investigate Keith's gambling and drug operations Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastKeithNote 000fb0ea
textIcon text Jean-Baptiste's Jet theft note VFSRealJetNote 001227ae
soundIcon sound Justice Bloc HQ security tapes VVault11JusticeBlocRecording 000e88a1
textIcon text Karl's journal Oh My Papa VRRCKarlsJournalNOTE 00144eb9
textIcon text Keely's password There Stands the Grass V22KeelyPassword 000fe953
textIcon text Kudlow's report log cutIcon cut VMSRSFoxtrotClipboard 001210fe
textIcon text Legion orders CampSearchlightLegionNote 0014e32e
textIcon text Legion patrol notes NVCCLegionNotesNote 001349c2
textIcon text Legion raid plans Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPlansNote 001343e8
textIcon text Legion slave ledger Oh My Papa VRRCLegionSlaveLedgerNOTE 00144675
textIcon text Letter of introduction (female) cutIcon cut VNCRCFHolotapeFemale 000e294a
textIcon text Letter of introduction (male) cutIcon cut VNCRCFHolotapeMale 000e2949
textIcon text Letter to Gloria CassNoteVanGraff 0015d9e0
textIcon text Lineholm's log cutIcon cut VMSRSAlphaClipboard 001210f9
textIcon text Log page 3 NVCGLog3Note 0014b29e
textIcon text Log page 5 NVCGLog5Note 0014c0fe
textIcon text Log page 7 NVCGLog7Note 0014b29d
textIcon text Log page 8 NVCGLog8Note 0014c102
textIcon text Log page 12 NVCGLog12Note 0014b299
textIcon text Log page 13 NVCGLog13Note 0014b29b
textIcon text Log page 14 NVCGLog14Note 0014c0ff
textIcon text Log page 15 NVCGLog15Note 0014c101
textIcon text Log page 18 NVCGLog18Note 0014b29a
textIcon text Log page 19 NVCGLog19Note 0014c100
textIcon text Log page 20 NVCGLog20Note 0014b29c
textIcon text Matchbook Beyond the Beef VMS18Matchbook 00112015
textIcon text Matter modulator project REPCONHQQ35 000e9440
textIcon text Mayes request Tags of Our Fallen CFHNCRDogtagNote1 00125844
textIcon text Mayor Steyn's journal 1/2 vNiptonMayorJournal 0013722c
textIcon text Mayor Steyn's journal 2/2 vNiptonMayorJournal2 0013722b
textIcon text McCarran arms request Dealing with Contreras VFreeformMcCarranContreras1GunRunners 000f07ca
textIcon text Meat vendor list Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup VFreeformMcCarranMessHallMeatVendorList 000fd2ca
textIcon text Medical supplies Dealing with Contreras VFreeformMcCarranContreras2CrimsonCaravan 000f2480
textIcon text Meeting notes cutIcon cut BMMarcusNote 000e9499
textIcon text Mercenary note Unfriendly Persuasion VMS50Note 0014be10
textIcon text Message: Khan hospitality VNovacGreatKhansNote 000ccfcb
textIcon text Midnight ranch attacks The Screams of Brahmin VFreeformNovacChupacabraNote 000ccfcc
textIcon text Military orders VMS02MilitaryOrders 000cdb54
textIcon text Milling specifications GunRunnerHolotapeNV 000edb30
textIcon text Mission statement CB-03 HVPatrolNote03 0015a7b9
textIcon text Mission statement KH-792 HVPatrolNote02 0015a7bc
textIcon text Mission statement XV-56 HVPatrolNote01 0015a7ba
textIcon text Missing laser pistol Pistol Packing HVTorresNote 0016774e
textIcon text Mojave Express delivery order (4 of 6) PrimmCourierNote 0015bc9b
textIcon text Mojave Express delivery order (6 of 6) They Went That-a-Way VMQ01CourierNote 00105bcd
textIcon text Monorail sabotage plans I Put a Spell on You VMS08Plans 000fc964
textIcon text Motor-Runner Bounty Bounty Killer VMS07BountyNote 000f0a2e
textIcon text Mr. RADical's journal ClarkFieldRadiationGuyJournal 000cee6f
textIcon text Nellis artillery timing details Highway to the Danger Zone NellisGeorgeArtilleryNote 0015a37b
textIcon text Nellis Missile Metal Missing a Few Missiles NellisMissileNote 00107dba
textIcon text Nellis Scrap Metal NellisScrapNote 00107dbb
textIcon text Nellis Solar Array Sunshine Boogie NellisArrayNote 0010a1c3
textIcon text Nighttime sniper VFreeformNovacNighttimeSniperNote 000ce88e
textIcon text Note HVRangerNoteItem 000e44aa
textIcon text Note from Corporal White The White Wash VMS11TrentBascomNote 001429e8
textIcon text Note to self cutIcon cut VES02GeckomanNote 0016768f
textIcon text Note from White to Dazzle VMS11DazzleNote 001618e3
textIcon text Note to Tyrone VMS04ChompsLewisNote 001429f5
textIcon text Offer to permit annexation cutIcon cut vConcessionMrHouse 00166661
textIcon text Old Legion paperwork Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPapersNote 0013512a
textIcon text Omertas stopped buying from Mick How Little We Know VFreesideMickOmertaNote1 00113214
textIcon text Order of Withdrawal All or Nothing VHDTermsOfSurrender 0015ecab
textIcon text Overseer's journal fragment 1 V34OverseerJournal01Note 00135f1f
textIcon text Overseer's journal fragment 2 V34OverseerJournal02Note 0013ef5d
textIcon text Overseer's journal fragment 3 V34OverseerJournal03Note 0013ef5e
textIcon text Overseer's journal fragment 4 V34OverseerJournal04Note 0013ef5c
textIcon text Overseer's password V34OverseerPassword 0013a727
textIcon text Pacer's patient record VFSPacerPatientRecord 001205bb
textIcon text Patient 1648654 V19MedNote01 001669ac
textIcon text Patient 1687865 V19MedNote03 001669ae
textIcon text Patient 3905698 V19MedNote05 001669b0
textIcon text Patient 5498465 V19MedNote02 001669ad
textIcon text Patient 6585645 V19MedNote04 001669af
textIcon text Philippe's recipes Beyond the Beef VMS18RecipeNote 00117e37
soundIcon sound Post-War audio log JacobstownAudioLog01 0013dbeb
textIcon text Powder Ganger notes 0010a13d (note 1)
0010a143 (note 2)
0010a149 (note 3)
textIcon text Prepared speech of Gus Olson, ombudsman, for the annual overseer election VVault11Speech 000e88a0
textIcon text President Kimball's itinerary You'll Know It When It Happens VMQ03KimballItinerary 00132f2d
textIcon text Primm residential petition (unsigned) PrimmSheriffPetition0 000e3e97
textIcon text Primm residential petition (1 signature) PrimmSheriffPetition1 000e3e98
textIcon text Primm residential petition (2 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition2 000e3e99
textIcon text Primm residential petition (3 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition3 000e3e94
textIcon text Primm residential petition (4 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition4 000e3e95
textIcon text Primm residential petition - complete PrimmSheriffPetition5 000e3e96
textIcon text Primm Slim corrupted memory block A Pair of Dead Desperados, I VanceGunNote1 000e2c95
textIcon text Ranger Kudlow report Return to Sender VMS52KudlowReport 00152c03
textIcon text Ranger Lineholm report Return to Sender VMS52LineholmReport 00152a49
textIcon text Ranger Pason report Return to Sender VMS52PasonReport 00152a48
soundIcon sound Ranger Station Charlie audio log 1 Andy and Charlie RSCharlieAudioLog01 000842e0
soundIcon sound Ranger Station Charlie audio log 2 Andy and Charlie RSCharlieAudioLog02 000842e2
textIcon text Ranger station radio security codes Return to Sender RadioCodesNote 0014f3b0
textIcon text Ransom note PrimmBisonSteveRansom 000e393f
textIcon text Recipes - Cass' moonshine RecipesCassMoonshineNote 0016163e
textIcon text Recipes - Rose's wasteland omelet You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs RecipesRosesWastelandOmeletNote 0013d52c
textIcon text Repair note #3 BMRepairNote3 000e64e7
textIcon text Report back to Captain Parker Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastDiceNote
textIcon text Reprimand recommendation VMS11RomanowskiNote 001429e9
textIcon text Revenge note Birds of a Feather VFSSilverRushBomberNote 0015a7bb
textIcon text Roy Gottlieb's terminal password VVault11GottliebPassword 000ea7ff
textIcon text Sammy's safe combination cutIcon cut SammySafeComb 000e32f5
textIcon text Sgt. Reyes list cutIcon cut VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownList 00127b22
textIcon text Sgt. Reyes list cutIcon cut VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownListNoCharlie 00127b23
textIcon text Sniper nest location VCFHSniperNote 00164009
textIcon text Snuff tapes VMS21MurderTapes 0011d9cc
textIcon text Storage room safe REPCONNotePassword 000ccef1
textIcon text Strip letter 1 VStripGamblerNote01 00162abd
textIcon text Strip letter 2 VStripGamblerNote02 00162abe
textIcon text Strip letter 3 VStripGamblerNote03 00162abf
textIcon text Strip letter 4 VStripGamblerNote04 00162ac0
textIcon text Strip letter 5 VStripGamblerNote05 00162ac1
textIcon text Strip letter 6 VStripGamblerNote06 00162ac2
textIcon text Strip letter 7 VStripGamblerNote07 00162b5c
textIcon text Strip letter 8 VStripTrooperNote01 00162ac3
textIcon text Strip letter 9 VStripTrooperNote02 00162ac4
textIcon text Strip letter 10 VStripTrooperNote03 00162ac5
textIcon text Strip letter 11 VStripTrooperNote04 00162ac6
soundIcon sound System recording: Vault 11 front entrance VVault11SurvivorRecording 000e9ac1
soundIcon sound System recording: Vault 11 solution Democracy Inaction VVault11Solution 000e8b21
textIcon text Thanks, baby vBennyLoveNote 0016665f
textIcon text The Screams of Brahmin The Screams of Brahmin VFreeformNovacChupacabraInventoryNote 000ce88d
textIcon text Tomas's journal SSHQTomasNote 00140ca8
textIcon text Torn diary page 1 SLFarmDiary01 001544bd
textIcon text Torn diary page 2 SLFarmDiary02 001544ba
textIcon text Torn diary page 3 SLFarmDiary03 001544bb
textIcon text Torn diary page 4 SLFarmDiary04 001544bc
textIcon text Treasure hunt BMHiddenTreasureNote 000e7595
textIcon text Troike blackmail note VMS21TroikeBlackMail 0011945d
textIcon text Recipes - Turbo Aba Daba Honeymoon RecipesTurboNote 00146d1a
textIcon text Sexton's note An Ear to the Ground CFHNCRSextonNote1 00126d48
textIcon text Silent treatment Silus Treatment VFreeformMcCarran2POWNote 000ef965
textIcon text Stealthboy shipment update REPCONBasementTerminalNote6 000cd21d
textIcon text They didn't shoot the deputy VFreeformPrimmSheriff 000e3755
textIcon text Vance gun brochure PrimmVanceGunNote 000e3756
textIcon text Vault 11 (anotação) Democracy Inaction VVault11QuestNote 000e9ac3'
textIcon text Vault 11 overseer's terminal password VVault11OverseerPassword 000e88a2
textIcon text Vault 3 overseer password I Love Bananas VMS07OverseerPassword 000fd78b
textIcon text Vault 34 security terminal password V34F3Keycard 00133107
textIcon text Vault 34 utility terminal password V34F2Keycard 00133108
textIcon text Vault 74 holotape overseer's log cutIcon cut VT74aHoloNote 00154133
textIcon text Vault 74a overseer's log VT74aQuestNote 00154134
textIcon text Wanted: Deathclaw egg VFreeformQJJasNote 000e5b97
textIcon text Western reflector control terminal password That Lucky Old Sun VMS03HeliosTerminalWestPassword 000e361c

Dead Money

Nome Quests relacionadas G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
textIcon text Casino security passcode NVDLC01CasinoPasscode01 xx00a5a2
textIcon text Dean Domino's "Saw Her Yesterday" song NVDLC01TheaterDeanHolotapeNote xx00e9f6
soundIcon sound Dean Domino's blackmail evidence NVDLC01DeanBlackmailTapeNote xx0132d9
soundIcon sound Dog command tape NVDLC01DogCommandNote xx00dfcf
textIcon text Elijah's holomessage NVDLC01ElijahHolomessage xx0119dc
textIcon text Ennis's note cutIcon cut NVDLC01Gala02EnnisLockerNote xx00ec9f
textIcon text Extracted holotape NVDLC01VaultVera01Note xx013897
textIcon text Journal NVDLC01wtJournalNote xx012280
textIcon text Journal NVDLC01ETJournalNote xx0136f4
soundIcon sound Message from Elijah: Gala event cutIcon cut NVDLC01ElijahNote02 xx00bcda
soundIcon sound Prisoner commands NVDLC01ElijahNote01 xx00bcd9
textIcon text Recipe: Super-Heated Knife! NVDLC01RecipeSuperHeatedKnifeNote xx0138e8
textIcon text Remote maintenance terminal password NVDLC01Gala02EnnisTerminalFromNote xx00ec9e
textIcon text See you in hell asshole NVDLC01Gala02MercNote xx013b19
textIcon text Shipment invoice cutIcon cut NVDLC01wtShipmentInvoiceNote xx01227f
textIcon text Sierra Madre entertainer pass Curtain Call at the Tampico NVDLC01PassMaintenanceNote xx009238
textIcon text Sierra Madre maintenance pass Put the Beast Down NVDLC01PassEntertainerNote xx009237
textIcon text Spliced holotape NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment04 xx00ed51
textIcon text Stained note NVDLC01wtStainedNote xx01227e
textIcon text Stained page NVDLC01ETStainedPageNote xx0136f5
textIcon text Suites security password note NVDLC01SuitesSecurityPassword xx00a846
textIcon text Tampico's front desk terminal password NVDLC01TheaterFrontDeskTerminalPassword xx010977
textIcon text Tampico's stage manager passcode cutIcon cut NVDLC01TheaterEntertainerPasscodeNote xx0109ef
textIcon text Torn journal NVDLC01ETTornJournalNote xx0136f6
textIcon text Toxic samples NVDLC01Gala02SampleNote xx01336e
textIcon text Vault security protocols Heist of the Centuries NVDLC01VaultSecurityProtocolNote xx00bfbd
textIcon text Vault turret terminal password NVDLC01VaultTurretPasswordNote xx0132d7
textIcon text Vending machine code - ".308 rifle rounds" NVDLC01VendingAutoRifleAmmo xx011b2d
textIcon text Vending machine code - ".357 magnum rounds" NVDLC01VendingPolicePistolAmmo xx011b2c
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Automatic rifle - upgraded internals" NVDLC01VendingModAutoRifle xx013329
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Bear trap fist - heavy duty springs" NVDLC01VendingModBearTrapFist xx01332b
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Buffout" NVDLC01VendingBuffout xx011b33
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Demolition charge" NVDLC01VendingDemoCharge xx011b2b
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - advanced calibration" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle03 xx013b21
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - focusing lense" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle02 xx013b1b
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - reinforced components" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle xx01332a
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Med-X" NVDLC01VendingMedX xx011dff
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Mentats" NVDLC01VendingMentats xx011b34
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Police Pistol" cutIcon cut NVDLC01VendingPolicePistol xx011b2a
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Rad-X" NVDLC01VendingRadX xx011b2f
textIcon text Vending machine code - "RadAway" NVDLC01VendingRadAway xx011b2e
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Rebound" NVDLC01VendingRebound xx011b32
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Return outfit item" NVDLC01VendReturnOutfitItem xx012f56
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Return SA armor" NVDLC01VendReturnSAArmor xx012f53
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Scotch" NVDLC01VendingScotch xx011b36
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Steady" NVDLC01VendingSteady xx011b31
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Stimpak" NVDLC01VendingStimpak xx012f55
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Super stimpak" NVDLC01VendingSuperStims xx011b29
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Vodka" NVDLC01VendingVodka xx011b37
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Weapon repair kit" NVDLC01VendingWeapRepairKit xx011b30
textIcon text Vending machine code - "Wine" NVDLC01VendingWine xx011b35
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Begin Again" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment03 xx00e7ca
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Go to the Faraway" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment02 xx00e7c9
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment01 xx00e7c8
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (I) cutIcon cut NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment01 xx012e4a
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (II) cutIcon cut NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment02 xx012e48
textIcon text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (III) cutIcon cut NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment03 xx012e49
soundIcon sound Vera Keyes' audition NVDLC01StarletAudition01Note xx0132d8
textIcon text Vera Keyes' medical report NVDLC01SuitesVeraMedNote xx013410
textIcon text Vera Keyes' partitures NVDLC01StarletPartitures xx0108ea
textIcon text Worker's note NVDLC01VaultWorkerNote xx013894

Honest Hearts

Nome Quest relacionada G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
textIcon text Grand Staircase map holotape The Grand Staircase NVDLC02GrandStaircaseMap (item) xx00d696 (item)
textIcon text Sorrows healing powder supply NVDLC02HealingPowderNote xx00a672
textIcon text Year: 2077 NVDLC02Survivalist2077Note01 xx00d925
textIcon text Year: 2078 NVDLC02Survivalist2078Note01 xx00d926
textIcon text Year: 2083 NVDLC02Survivalist2083Note01 xx00d927
textIcon text Year: 2084 NVDLC02Survivalist2084Note01 xx00d928
textIcon text Year: 2095 NVDLC02Survivalist2095Note01 xx00d929
textIcon text Year: 2096 NVDLC02Survivalist2096Note01 xx00d92a
textIcon text Year: 2096 (II) NVDLC02Survivalist2096Note02 xx00d92b
textIcon text Year: 2097 NVDLC02Survivalist2097Note01 xx00d92c
textIcon text Year: 2100 NVDLC02Survivalist2100Note01 xx00d92d
textIcon text Year: 2101 NVDLC02Survivalist2101Note01 xx00d92e
textIcon text Year: 2108 NVDLC02Survivalist2108Note01 xx00d92f
textIcon text Year: 2113 NVDLC02Survivalist2113Note01 xx00d930
textIcon text Year: 2123 NVDLC02Survivalist2123Note01 xx00d931
textIcon text Year: 2124 NVDLC02Survivalist2124Note01 xx00d932

Old World Blues

Nome Quest relacionada G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
textIcon text "Muggy" Upgrade: Parts Production Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMuggyPartsProductionNOTE xx011fb1
textIcon text Audio Sample - Gabriel's Bark Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunGabrielsBarkNOTE xx011f92
textIcon text Audio Sample - Giant Tarantula Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunTarantulaNOTE xx011f95
textIcon text Audio Sample - Mobius' Robo-scorpion Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunRoboScorpionNOTE xx011f94
textIcon text Audio Sample - Opera Singer Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunOperaSingerNOTE xx011f93
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Cosmetic Enhancements Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocCosmeticNOTE xx013d7e
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Hair Styling Enhancements Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocBarberNOTE xx011fa1
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant C-13 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocC13NOTE xx011fa2
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant M-5 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocM5NOTE xx011fa3
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant Y-3 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocY3NOTE xx011fa4
textIcon text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant Y-7 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocY7NOTE xx011fa5
textIcon text Betsy Bright's Disciplinary Record Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolRecord xx00dd48
textIcon text Book Chute Upgrade: Mulching Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeBookChuteMulchingNOTE xx011fa9
textIcon text Cherie O' Bannon's After-School Schedule Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolSchedule xx00dd4a
textIcon text Dog and lobotomite splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment02Note xx012a0b
textIcon text Dog and robot splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment01Note xx012a0d
textIcon text Elijah's Watch journal NVDLC03ElijahWatchJournal xx0155c7
textIcon text Emergency shutdown terminal password NVDLC03X42ShutdownTerminalPassword xx00f996
textIcon text Hazmat pod security code NVDLC03HazmatNote xx01418d
textIcon text Light Switch 01 Upgrade: "Smart Lights" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeLight01SmartNOTE xx011faf
textIcon text Light Switch 02 Upgrade: "Mood Lights" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeLight02MoodNOTE xx0122e7
textIcon text Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Mentat Chow" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerK9ModMentatChowNOTE xx015617
textIcon text Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Resla Roil" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerK9ModReslaRoilNOTE xx015614
textIcon text Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Auxiliary Recharger Chip" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerLAERModAuxClipNOTE xx015615
textIcon text Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Prismatic Lens" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerLAERModPrismNOTE xx015616
textIcon text Midterm Grade Report: Richie Marcus Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolGrades xx00dd49
soundIcon sound Patient log: Y-17.0 NVDLC03ChristineMedicalCenterHolotapeNote xx014747
soundIcon sound Patient log: Y-17.5 NVDLC03ChristineUlysses01HolotapeNote xx014748
soundIcon sound Patient log: Y-17.9 NVDLC03ChristineUlysses02HolotapeNote xx014749
textIcon text Recipes - Barter skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookBarterITEM (item) xx0169e5 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Energy Weapons skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookEnergyWeapITEM (item) xx0169e6 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Explosives skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookExplosivesITEM (item) xx0169e7 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Guns skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookGunsITEM (item) xx0169e8 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Lockpick skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookLockpickingITEM (item) xx0169e9 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Medicine skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookMedicineITEM (item) xx0169ea (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Melee Weapons skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookMeleeWeapITEM (item) xx0169f4 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Repair skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookRepairITEM (item) xx0169ec (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Science skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookScienceITEM (item) xx0169ed (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Sneak skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSneakITEM (item) xx0169ee (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Speech skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSpeechITEM (item) xx0169ef (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Survival skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSurvivalITEM (item) xx0169f0 (item)
textIcon text Recipes - Unarmed skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookUnarmedITEM (item) xx0169f1 (item)
textIcon text Robot and nightstalker splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment03Note xx012a0c (item)
textIcon text Schematics - K9000 FIDO NVDLC03SchematicsFIDONote xx0142ca
textIcon text Sink Project: Auto-Doc All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyAutoDocNOTE xx011f97
textIcon text Sink Project: Biological Research Station All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyBiologyNOTE xx011f96
textIcon text Sink Project: Book Chute All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyBookChuteNOTE xx011f99
textIcon text Sink Project: Central Intelligence Unit All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyCentralIntelligenceNOTE xx01634b
textIcon text Sink Project: Jukebox All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyJukeboxNOTE xx011f98
textIcon text Sink Project: Light Switch 01 All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyLightSwitch01NOTE xx011f9e
textIcon text Sink Project: Light Switch 02 All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyLightSwitch02NOTE xx011f9f
textIcon text Sink Project: Muggy All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyMuggyNOTE xx011fa0
textIcon text Sink Project: Sink All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddySinkNOTE xx011f9d
textIcon text Sink Project: Toaster All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyToasterNOTE xx011f9c
textIcon text Sink Upgrade: Water Production Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeSinkWaterNOTE xx011faa
textIcon text Sonic emitter notice NVDLC03X13FieldGunNote xx00dba4
textIcon text Torn journal page NVDLC03ElijahSignalHillsPage xx0155c8
textIcon text VR simulation note NVDLC03X13VRNote xx01634d

Lonesome Road

Nome Quest relacionada G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
textIcon text Bitter drink recipe NVDLC04BitterDrinkRecipeNOTE xx00cf39
textIcon text Bravo Team mission orders NVDLC04FlashBangNOTE xx00d96f
textIcon text Flash bang information NVDLC04FlashbangAbilitiesNote xx0df4fa
textIcon text For whoever finds this.... Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04SLWasteDisposalNote xx00a19c
textIcon text Hopeville Base - Armory access codes NVDLC04Road01ArmoryAccessNote xx00c620
textIcon text Hopeville Silo - 1st level security code NVDLC04Silo01SecurityCodeLvl01 xx0092f0
textIcon text Hopeville Silo - 2nd level security code NVDLC04Silo01SecurityCodeLvl02 xx0092ef
textIcon text "Missing" shipment NVDLC04ChineseGrenadeLauncherNote xx00caa0
textIcon text Mission report Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal02 xx00910d
textIcon text NCR Ranger action reports Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote01 xx00bd38
textIcon text NCR Ranger action reports- addendum Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote02 xx00bd39
soundIcon sound NCR Radio distress beacon Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote03 xx00bd3a
textIcon text Pvt. Foster's personal journal Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal01 xx007e48
textIcon text Sunflower Summers' diary Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal03 xx00a5f8
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.15 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT1 xx00cd6f
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.16 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT2 xx00cd70
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.17 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT3 xx00cd71
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.21 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs1 xx00cd72
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.22 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs2 xx00cd73
soundIcon sound Ulysses log Y-17.23 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs3 xx00cd93
soundIcon sound Ulysses' final message NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssessFinalMsg xx00cd90
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