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Esta é a transcrição de um arquivo de diálogo, o qual, contêm mensagens in-game relacionadas a scripts e itens ou a diálogos de personagens não jogáveis durante o gameplay.

Diálogo de Garret, guarda-costas de Set no Hall of the Dead.


{100}{}{You see Garret.}
{101}{}{You shouldn't be here during the day. It makes Set unhappy. Come back at night}
{102}{}{Oh, OK.}
{103}{}{He should learn to deal with his problems.}
{104}{}{That's not important. What is important is that I speak with him.}
{105}{}{You should talk to Set.}
{106}{}{You receive: a shotgun, 10 shotgun shells, 4 flares, 4 Coke bottles and $200.}
{107}{}{You receive: a shotgun, 10 shotgun shells and $100.}
{108}{}{You receive: 4 flares, 4 Coke bottles and $50.}
{109}{}{You had better leave now.}
{110}{}{See you around.}
{111}{}{Is this all I get? I deserve more, and you'd better give it to me!}
{113}{}{You need to leave here . . . immediately.}
{114}{}{Follow me. I'll see to your reward.}
{115}{}{I hope not, for your sake. Set was not too happy to have to use you. It might be a good idea to leave Necropolis . . . soon}
{116}{}{I told you to leave.}
{118}{}{Perhaps. Hmm. Here, take this as well.}
{119}{}{You receive $100.}
{120}{}{Now leave.}
{121}{}{Hmm. Some things are missing from the fridge. It seems that we have been robbed.}
{200}{}{Garret ignores you.}
{201}{}{Here is your reward.}
{202}{}{You receive a large reward.}
{203}{}{You receive: }
{204}{}{a shotgun}
{205}{}{some shotgun shells}
{206}{}{some flares}
{207}{}{a flare}
{208}{}{some coke bottles}
{209}{}{a coke bottle}

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