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Hello, my name is Annonnimus welcome to my userpage. I've been a member of Wikia since December 2009.

You can usually find me at The Vault, the Red Dead wiki, the L.A. Noire wiki, the Elder Scrolls wiki or the Far Cry wiki. You may also find me on other wikis reverting vandalism or fixing whatever's broken.


Hello, I'm an admin over at The Vault.

You might see me here every once in a while fixing formatting, adding images from the shared image repository, adding interwiki links to Fallout wikis in other languages or doing whatever I can to improve this wiki.

If you need to contact me, feel free to leave me a message in Polish, I can speak and read in Polish, but I'd rather not write anything bacause I'll just butcher it mercilessly :D

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Weapon infoboxes:

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|firemod =


|attmode1      = 
|attmode1ap    = 
|attmode1range = 
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