Canadiske spillere kunne ikke bruke sine gamle lagrede spill på PS3-versjonen av Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition. Bethesda har nå gitt ut en ny patch for å fikse dette. Her er et sitat fra Matt Grandstaff på Bethesda sine forum:

A new update is available to allow players to use their game saves from Fallout 3 (BLUS-30185) with Fallout 3 GOTY (BLUS-30455).

Some things to note...

If you only have saves from the Fallout 3 (BLUS-30185) on your PS3, when you load Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (BLUS-30455), your saves will not initially appear in your saved games list.

In order to get them to appear, you'll need to start a new game on the GOTY disc and make a new save. You can do this as soon as you can start moving around during the “Baby Steps” quest. Once you've made a a GOTY save, all of your original BLUS-30185 saves will appear in your saved games list.

If you have already made any save with the GOTY disc, then the old saves should appear immediately after updating, barring any issues with hitting the total displayed saved game limit (130). If you have more than 130 saves between the two releases, you'll need to delete older saves for the newest ones to appear.

Something to note:

Any BLUS-30185 saves made may take a while to load. If your saves are taking a long time to load you might want to resave them and back up or remove the old ones.
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