1UP holder en debatt med Bill Roper (Cryptic Studios), Alan Miranda (Ossian Studios), Marcin Iwiński (CD Projekt) og Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian Entertainment) angående fremtiden for RPGer.

Dragon Age: Origins is the biggest singleplayer role-playing game release of the season. It's also the only big-budget singleplayer RPG coming out this season. The RPG is one of the oldest genres in gaming, but big releases are becoming rarer each year.

Falloutspill blir nevnt flere ganger i diskusjonen, fra Fallout 1 til Fallout 3, noe som er lite overraskende, med tanke på at Feargus Urquhart jobbet på Fallout, Fallout 2, og studioet hans jobber på Fallout: New Vegas, og at Marcin Inwińskis CD Projekt er eieren av Good Old Games, som seller de klassiske Falloutspillene.

For eksempel sa Iwiński:

I still remember BioWare releasing mods for Neverwinter Nights through their store -- it was a novelty those days. Today, if you look at Fallout 3 and [Bethesda's] DLC strategy -- it is really smart, and gamers do appreciate it. If you have enjoyed the game and want to extend the experience, why not spend an additional 9 to 15 bucks for a couple of quests, to find out more about the world of the game, background heroes, etc. I am repeating myself, but it's again all about the story and your experience in it.

Du kan lese alt sammen her.

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