fallout 3: GOTY doet het niet op de ps3.

Stuck in Wastelands:

NOTE: There are certain areas where you see big hills with lots of rocks. DO be carefull when climbing the rocks, on different spots u can get stuck between a couple of rocks and you won't be able to get out of it. Jumping or Crouching won't help also. If this occurs the only thing you can do is travel to somewhere or you can reload your previous save file.

Stuck in buildings:

NOTE: Once you find yourself stuck in a certain area inside a building, metro, etc. where you cannot travel between places, the only thing left to do is reload your previous save file. This can be very annoying if you don't save often. The auto-save option is rewarding though; I found myself stuck on some kind of closets inside the Mall. I didn't saved but thank god it autosaved when i went inside the mall.

Hope this helps

kind regards, R3UV3R7