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Objectives and walkthrough편집

Flash, a local resident of Big Town, asks you to go secure some hostages from super mutants in the Germantown police station. Use the upper level door to gain entry to the station and make your way down to the ground level.

Once you're on the ground level find Red and get her cell door open (pick the lock, open it with a Germantown jailor's key found on mutants, or use the lockup computer with a password found upstairs). Talk to her and she'll thank you for rescuing her and tell you about her friend Shorty. Rescuing Shorty is optional and gives good karma.But Before leaving the area you might want to explore a bit, if you have at least 50 lock picking you can pick the locks on the two armories in the H.Q., one of them has a few conventional weapons while the other has the coveted "Fat Man".

Afterwards, exit the building and make your way back to Big Town, dealing with any super mutants remaining in the area.

When you make it to Big Town they will both thank you and Red will tell you that she heard the super mutants discussing yet another attack on Big Town and ask for your help. If you accept you'll be rewarded with good karma upon completion. 1-2 super mutants will storm into the area (if you difficulty is higher, more Mutants can appear), but the residents are pretty weak, so it's your job to take the mutants out.

  • With a high enough Small Guns skill you can teach/train them how to shoot.
  • With a high enough Science skill you can also reactivate some broken robots in the junkyard. (Currently buggy.)
  • With a high enough Sneak teach the residents how to sneak.
  • With a high enough Explosives you can help the residents to make a minefield. (IMPORTANT NOTE: If the minefield is still active when escorting Sticky from Little Lamplight, he will set off the mines as if he were a hostile! Make sure to have him wait wile you clear out the remaining mines)

Once the super mutants have been dealt with, the residents consider you their hero. Talk to Timebomb after the attack and he'll give you his Lucky 8 Ball with a +1 Luck bonus. Also, if you cured Timebomb in the clinic before saving Red and Shorty, Red will heal you for free.

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