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Chapter 1 [edit] Contract Radiation Sickness Main Objective: Contract 200 Rads

Optional Objective: Contract 600 Rads

Moira wants you to get radiation sickness. When you do she will experiment her remedies on you.

The simplest and quickest ways to achieve this mission is to stand in and drink the water near the nuke in the center of Megaton and soak up rads. You could also go to the mens bathroom and drink some of the toilet water which will give you 17 or 18 Rads a second. After you have reached 600 rads walk back to the Craterside Supply and speak to Moira to complete the mission. Doing it this way means you won't have to be subjected to the adverse effects of radiation poisoning for long.

After you complete the mission, you will have a rad count of 0. Moira will give you some Rad-X and Rad Away and she will also start selling them.

If you achieve the optional objective by contracting 600 rads, Moira remarks that you still have a "teeny, tiny, um, mutation" after curing you. The mutation causes you to gain the Rad Regeneration perk.

Alternatively, should you have a high enough Science skill (at least 50), you will be given the option of simply explaining the effects of radiation poisoning. However, you don't get the perk this way.

[edit] Find food at the Super Duper Mart Main Objective: Find food in the Super Duper Mart

Optional Objective: Find medicine in the Super Duper Mart.

The mart is nearby Megaton and will appear on your map. It is easy to find, but filled with Raiders.

At the front of the Mart, opening a refrigerator will trigger the first part of the quest.

Looting the first aid box in the room at the back of the market (next to the Mini Nuke and Protectron) will finish the second part of the quest.

For more information consult the Super Duper Mart page.

Moira will reward you with a Food Sanitizer if you complete the optional objective. If you only complete the main objective or if you successfully lie to her, she'll just give you some Iguana Bits.

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