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an overview of stimpak types in all games については、stimpak をご覧ください。


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スティムパック及びスティミュレーション・デリバリー・パッケージは、Fallout 4に登場する、消耗型回復アイテムです




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スティムパック (1)


  • Several can be found in Lexington Pharmacy.
  • Can sometimes be found on the bodies of raiders.
  • Can be bought from Trudy, the owner of Drumlin Diner.
  • Can be bought from Trashcan Carla, a traveling merchant.
  • Can be crafted at the chemistry station.
  • On the ground next to the gas pump at the Red Rocket truck stop.
  • In almost every medical container and many other loot boxes scattered throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Can be bought from almost any "doctor" in the Commonwealth.
  • Curie will occasionally give stimpaks upon initiating dialogue after unlocking her as a companion.


  • Each rank of the Medic perk enhances the efficiency of both stimpaks and RadAway. Rank 1 improves it to 40%, rank 2 to 60%, rank 3 to 80% and rank 4 to 100%. Rank 4 also increases the speed of stimpak healing. The Medicine bobblehead further increases the stimpaks' efficiency by 10%.
  • Unlike previous installments, Fallout 4 's stimpaks deliver over a small amount of time rather than immediately, much like how stimpaks work in hardcore mode for Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, an animation is played when taking any stimpak. This animation is shown only once regardless of the amount of stimpaks used, and is not shown at all while wearing power armor.
  • Stimpaks in Survival mode have a dehydrating effect.
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