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Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua
Fo2 Servant Allocation Center
ロケーションVault City

I...well,'s my husband Joshua. into some trouble in...the bar. He accidentally struck a Citizen and was arrested. He didn't mean to, but he'd been drinking, and...


Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua(Amandaの夫Joshuaを救出する)はFallout 2クエストです。

Amanda is a woman who lives in the eastern corner of the Vault City courtyard. She will ask you to rescue her husband, Joshua, who is currently in the Servant Allocation Center in the inner city.

Quick walkthrough編集

サイドクエスト: Amandaの夫Joshuaを救出する
Servant Allocation Center(奴隷配置センター)に行きBarkusと話す
報酬: 500 XP, $32 もしくは -10 Karma


By talking to Barkus you can arrange Joshua's release in one of several ways:

  • Convince the guard that Joshua has contracted the (insert Chosen One's name)'s Syndrome (Speech 80% or Doctor 75%).
  • Offer a bribe (from $250 to $1000 depending on your Barter skill).
  • Citizens can tell Barkus that Joshua is a troublesome individual and should be kicked out before he causes others to act up as well or that he may be infected (Speech 75%).
  • A Captain of the Guard can just order his release.
  • Do it by force; not recommended because it starts hostility with Vault City.

In either case 500 XP if he is set free. Go to his tent in the Courtyard and talk to his wife for an added reward of $32.


  • Slavers, Childkillers, または Karmaが 0 (中立)以下だとクエストを受けられません。
  • After collecting the reward, Joshua and his family will leave after exiting the map, therefore get the wrench from Curtis first.
  • 男性はAmandaにお金の代わりに身体を要求することが出来るが-10カルマとなる。

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