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Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifiesDecreases the likelihood of bad random encounters
Possibility of increasing the odds of special encounters
Can grant a prompt to choose whether to engage or ignore a random encounter. (Fallout 2)
Decreases the negative effects of bad encounters - dehydration and rockfalls. (Fallout)
governed byEndurance, Intelligence
initial value5% + (1% x the average of your Intelligence and Endurance). Average characters will have a 10% skill. (Fallout)
(2% x Intelligence plus Endurance). Average characters will have a 20% skill. (Fallout 2)
related perksAnimal Friend, Explorer, Survivalist
related traitsGifted
Van Buren, J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG
governed byIntelligence, Endurance
initial value?
related perks?
related traits?

Practical knowledge of the outdoors, and the ability to live off the land. The knowledge of plants and animals.

— In-game description

OutdoorsmanFalloutFallout 2Van BurenJ.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game そして Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel に登場するスキル。 Fallout: New Vegas で追加された Survival にとても似ています。


Example: A starting Endurance of 5 and Intelligence of 5.

Fallout 2[]

Example: A starting Endurance of 5 and Intelligence of 5.


In Fallout 2, the Outdoorsman skill's job is to decrease the effects of bad random encounters with the possibility of increasing the odds of special encounters. A successful Outdoorsman check will give the choice of whether or not to have an encounter at all. This does not apply for special encounters however, as they force entering the scene.

Falloutで Outdoorsman は脱水症状と落石が発生することに関係する。脱水までにどのくらいかかるか、また脱水症状と落石でどれほどのダメージがあるかに関わります。

Though it is possible to raise Outdoorsman to 200%, or 300% for Fallout 2, the real cap would be around 100%. Raising it to ridiculous levels has limited effect.


  • Scout Handbookを読む。それらは現在のスキルレベルに合わせてOutdoorsmanのスキルを強化します、低レベル(20-30%)の場合6-7ポイント、高レベル(70-90%)の場合1-2ポイントです。スキルにタグが付けられてる場合は二倍です。91%が最高スキルです。
  • (Fallout 2) Talk with Slim Picket. Depending on Barter skill, 5% worth of Outdoorsman can be bought for $100 or $50.
  • (Fallout 2) Save Smiley the trapper. Once he is returned to Klammath, he can give a 1% to 6% increase in Outdoorsman skills.
  • (Fallout) Tycho に彼の人生(life)について聞く。

Behind the scenes[]

The icon is most probably a reference to the Looney Tunes, as the Vault Boy is dressed as Elmer Fudd and is hunting a mutated version of Bugs Bunny.

Cut content[]

The Fallout scripts contain two other uses for Outdoorsman, however neither are used in the game. The first is a message displayed when discovering a Mutated Fruit. The other is for generating messages about where the Radscorpions came from in random encounters. (Assumedly related to being able to find the Radscorpion cave for the Stop the Radscorpions quest.)