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Automatron に登場する敵対者 については、Mechanist (Automatron) をご覧ください。
Fallout 4の架空の人物 については、Mechanist (Fallout 4) をご覧ください。




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プレイヤーとの相互作用[編集 | ソースを編集]

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General Services Quests
Essential: yesyes
  • 不可
Enslavable: nono
Companion: nono
Bounty: nono
Merchant: nono
Repairman: nono
Doctor: nono
Rents bed/room: nono
Starts quests: nono
Involved in quests: yesyes

クエスト[編集 | ソースを編集]

プレイヤーへのアクション[編集 | ソースを編集]

プレイヤーがアンタゴナイザーを支援するならスコットは敵対する。だがスパイではないとスコットを信じこませられれば、彼のために働くことができる。彼にアンタゴナイザーのスーツを渡すことができるが、これを拒否すると敵対する。町の住人に多くの危害を与えた場合も同様である。彼はSpeechチャンス、またはChild at Heartのperkによってメカニストとしての活動を諦めさせることができる。

所持品[編集 | ソースを編集]

* プレイヤーがスコットに"ヒーロー"であることをやめるよう説得した場合のみ

Notes[編集 | ソースを編集]

メカニスト装備とプロテクトロンビーム(ユニーク・レーザーピストル)は、スリ渡しを利用することで入手することができる。はじめに、Lady Killerのパークによる選択またはSpeechチャレンジを利用し、アンタゴナイザーに降伏するよう説得する必要がある。

  • It is possible to keep both sets of armor and Protectron's Gaze by Reverse-Pickpocketing. First, convince the AntAgonizer to give up using the Lady Killer perk or a speech check. Then, go to the Mechanist, but drop the AntAgonizer's costume and helmet before talking to him. He will say his spybots tell him the AntAgonizer is defeated but he needs the armor. Pick up only the AntAgonizer's Costume; he doesn't require the helmet, and will actually duplicate one in his inventory. Using a Stealth Boy, if needed, sneak and give him both a combat helmet and combat armor, leave the building, and go back in. While still stealthed, tell the Mechanist he can have the costume but to "move on and leave Canterbury alone". As he walks away, sneak up to him and take both sets of armor from his inventory, including the extra helmet. Note you will receive the usual penalty to Karma when pickpocketing.
    • Another way to keep both costumes and Protectron's Gaze is to give The Mechanist the AntAgonizer's costume, then after he gives you Protectron's Gaze, kill him and loot both costumes
    • Another way is to go to the AntAgonizer and retrieve her suit, then speak to the Mechanist. If you have the Black Widow ability, you can convince him to give you his suit and will leave.
  • Surprisingly, the Mechanist is not allied with the robots in his Robot Repair Center, and will fight them (and most likely be killed by them) if he ever crosses path with one.
  • After you deal with the Mechanist, either by giving him the AntAgonizer's costume or convincing him to retire, he'll leave the Robot Repair Center and walk out into the Wastes. He'll simply disappear from the map if he gets too far away from you. If the player follows, they will eventually see that the Mechanist's destination is the 'backdoor path' to the AntAgonizer's lair. When arriving there the Mechanist will just stand near the entrance. If the player approaches him, the Mechanist will start the conversation saying that he wants to be left alone.
  • Female characters with the Black Widow perk can choose an additional dialogue option to acquire The Mechanist's costume peacefully. Male characters can use the Child at Heart perk instead to convince the Mechanist to give up the position of a superhero.
  • Wearing the AntAgonizer's costume will cause the Mechanist to become hostile upon talking to him.
  • Wearing the Mechanist's costume while speaking to Moira Brown about the section of the Wasteland Survival Guide on the Robco Facility gives a few humorous dialogue options.
  • The opening of the multiple doors after activating his coffee brewer may be a reference to a similar sequence iconic to the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • The Mechanist has a harder Speech check than the AntAgonizer to vacate his position peacefully.
  • If you hand in the AntAgonizer's costume to the Mechanist, it will result in bad Karma, however killing him will not result in good Karma.

Appearances[編集 | ソースを編集]

Scott Wollinski, (a.k.a., The Mechanist) only appears in Fallout 3.

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