Mechanical Menace
MQ01 RobotsGoneWild
Mechanical Menace trophy
other npcsAda
報酬250 XP
base idxx000806
leads to:
A New Threat
Gametitle-FO4 AUT
Gametitle-FO4 AUT

Mechanical MenaceFallout 4DLC Automatronクエスト及び関連する実績です。

Quick walkthrough編集

  1. キャラバンの救難信号を聞く
  2. キャラバンを見つける
  3. 敵ロボットを排除する
  4. ロボットに話しかける

Detailed walkthrough編集

The quest is started as soon as the player downloads the Automatron DLC and is level 15. The Sole Survivor is notified to listen to the new Caravan distress call that has appeared on their radio. Upon listening to it, they are notified to head over to an area near Wattz Consumer Electronics. Once there, they will find a multitude of robots battling it out beneath a highway. Once all enemy robots have been defeated, the player speaks with Ada and the quest ends.

Quest stages編集

10 Startup
2100 キャラバンの救難信号を聞く
2200 キャラバンを見つける
2300 敵ロボットを排除する
2400 ロボットに話しかける
3000Quest finishedIcon checkクエスト完了


  • pcIcon pc After reaching Wattz Consumer Electronics, and following the quest marker, you won't find any caravan or Ada. Walking to the quest marker will remove the Caravan distress call, and complete the objective, but no hostile robots will spawn leaving the Automatron unplayable.[verified]
    • A possible solution is to load an older save outside of the Cambridge area before starting the quest.
    • If you delete your saves so you don't have any outside of Cambridge you can uninstall Automatron , make a save outside of Cambridge then install Automatron again.
  • After eliminating the robots, Ada may be sporadically and quickly moving around in all directions, making it impossible for the Sole Survivor to interact with her.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc If the distress call is not listened to immediately after the quest spawns, that station may fail to play, preventing the quest from moving to the next step and the quest marker at Wattz Consumer Electronics from spawning. It will still be possible to travel to the caravan's location and engage in the battle. It is unclear whether this bug is triggered by fast travel or loading of an environment in general.[verified]
  • After killing all the robots, you are prompted to speak with Ada. Some players have experienced the inability to activate any kind of dialogue with Ada rendering the quest unable to complete. [verification overdue]
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