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Main storyline[]


The prologue is set in the year 2077, and consists of a single quest, which does not appear in the player character's quest log.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
War Never Changes trophy.png War Never Changes Sanctuary Hills (pre-war)
Vault 111 (pre-war)
Vault 111 jumpsuit 0001ed86 MQ101


第1部は唯一の生存者が、大戦争から200年以上たった2287年Vault 111の冷凍睡眠ポッドから目覚めることから始まります。

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon Out of Time.png
Out of Time Vault 111
200 XP
Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV
0001c22a MQ102
Icon Jewel of the Commonwealth.png
Jewel of the Commonwealth ダイヤモンドシティ ママ・マフィー 150 XP 000229e5 MQ103
Unlikely Valentine trophy.png Unlikely Valentine Park Street station
Vault 114
Ellie Perkins 200 XP
100 bottlecaps
Worn fedora
Faded trench coat
0001f25e MQ104
Icon Getting a Clue.png
Getting a Clue Diamond City Nick Valentine 200 XP
Nick Valentine as a companion
000229e6 MQ105
Reunions trophy.png Reunions Fort Hagen Nick Valentine 250 XP
Kellogg's pistol
Kellogg's outfit
000229e7 MQ106

Act 2[]

The beginning of act 2 is heralded by the arrival of The Prydwen, and opens up the majority of the Brotherhood of Steel quests.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Dangerous Minds trophy.png Dangerous Minds Memory Den
Kellogg's memories
Nick Valentine 300 XP 000229e9 MQ202
Icon The Glowing Sea.png
The Glowing Sea Edge of the Glowing Sea
Crater of Atom
Rocky cave
Doctor Amari 350 XP 0006b500 MQ204
Hunter Hunted trophy.png Hunter/Hunted C.I.T. ruins
Greenetech Genetics
Virgil 350 XP 000229eb MQ205
The Molecular Level trophy.png The Molecular Level Place elected by the player to build
The Teleporter
400 XP 000b1752 MQ206
Institutionalized trophy.png Institutionalized The Institute Father 400 XP 000229ec MQ207

Act 3[]

Act 3 begins when the Sole Survivor first sets foot in The Institute.

At this point, the main quest's structure becomes similar to the one from Fallout: New Vegas. There are four different branches, one for each faction, and certain events in those quests can make certain factions hostile to the Sole survivor, thus locking them from those branches and failing all of that faction's on-going quests. In some situations, this can be delayed (or even accelerated) with certain actions or certain dialogue choices.
Should the player decide to oppose The Institute by supporting any of the other three factions, the main quest ends with The Nuclear Option quest (there are actually three variants of the same quest, one for each faction opposing The Institute). However, should the player join and support The Institute, the main quest ends with the Nuclear Family quest.

The following quests become available after completing The Molecular Level:

  • Institutionalized (The Institute branch) - starts automatically
  • From Within (Brotherhood of Steel branch) - given by Elder Maxson if the player completed Show No Mercy, or is given automatically if the player used the Brotherhood of Steel to advance in The Molecular Level
  • Inside Job (The Minutemen branch) - given by Sturges if the player completed Old Guns, or is given automatically if the player used the Minutemen to advance in The Molecular Level
  • Underground Undercover (The Railroad branch) - given by Desdemona if the player joined the Railroad by completing the Tradecraft quest, or is given automatically if the player used the Railroad to advance in The Molecular Level

Faction quests[]

The Minutemen[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
When Freedom Calls trophy.png When Freedom Calls Concord
Museum of Freedom
Sanctuary Hills
Preston Garvey 300 XP
100 caps
50 fusion cells
Power Armor
001a001c Min00
Taking Independence trophy.png Taking Independence Sanctuary Hills
The Castle
Preston Garvey 350 XP
The Castle as a settlement
0003a457 Min02
Old Guns trophy.png Old Guns Sanctuary Hills
The Castle
Preston Garvey 300 XP
Artillery schematic
Artillery smoke grenade
000aa778 Min03
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Inside Job Sanctuary Hills
The Prydwen
The Institute
Sturges 300 XP 00136329 Min207
Icon Form Ranks.png
Form Ranks Preston Garvey 350 XP 000ddfdb Min301
Icon Defend the Castle.png
Defend the Castle The Castle Preston Garvey 300 XP 000bdb04 MinDefendCastle
The Nuclear Option trophy.png The Nuclear Option (Minutemen) The Institute Preston Garvey 1500 XP 0010c64a MQ302Min
Icon With Our Powers Combined.png
With Our Powers Combined The Castle Preston Garvey 350 XP 000dfb3c MinDestBoS
Side quests
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Returning the Favor Abernathy farm
USAF Satellite Station Olivia
Blake Abernathy or Preston Garvey 300 XP
Abernathy farm as a settlement
00106f05 MinRecruit03
Icon Minutemen quest.png
The Sight Sanctuary Hills Mama Murphy Revelations on the Sole Survivor's future 000ebe71 MQ00MamaMurphy
Radiant quests
The First Step trophy.png The First Step Radiant locations Preston Garvey 300 XP
~100 caps
Preston Garvey as a companion
Rank of General of the Minutemen
Flare gun
テンプレート:Id MinRecruit00
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Clearing the Way for (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey 100 XP
(Locationname) as a new settlement
0015f03f MinRecruit05
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Ghoul Problem at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
A local settler
200 XP
~100 caps or (Locationname) as a new settlement
00186642 MinRecruit07
Icon Minutemen quest.png
(Locationname): Greenskins Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
A local settler
300 XP
~100 caps or (Locationname) as a new settlement
00157ca5 MinRecruit04
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Kidnapping at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
A local settler
200 XP
~100 caps or (Locationname) as a new settlement
00099848 MinRecruit02
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Raider Troubles at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
A local settler
200 XP
~100 caps or (Locationname) as a new settlement
00098136 MinRecruit01
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Resettle Refugees at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
100 XP 00164167 MinRecruit09
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Rogue Courser at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey 300 XP
~100 caps
00157577 MinRecruit08
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Taking Point: (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey 100 XP
(Locationname) as a new settlement
0015f040 MinRecruit06
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Help defend (Locationname) Radiant locations Pip-Boy None 00097cc7
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Defend the artillery at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey
Radio Freedom
None 000e477f MinRadiantOwned04_BOS

Brotherhood of Steel[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Reveille Fort Hagen 300 XP 001826bf BoS000
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Fire Support Cambridge Police Station Military frequency AF95 300 XP
Brotherhood of Steel flag to craft in settlements
0005ddab BoS100
Icon Call to Arms.png
Call to Arms Cambridge Police Station
ArcJet Systems
Paladin Danse 350 XP
50 bottlecaps
Righteous Authority
Brotherhood of Steel membership (Rank of Initiate)
0006f5c1 BoS101
Semper Invicta trophy.png Semper Invicta Cambridge Police Station Paladin Danse 300 XP 0002bf20 BoS200
Icon Shadows of Steel.png
Shadow of Steel Cambridge Police Station
The Prydwen
350 XP
Rank of Knight
Full set of BoS II T-60b power armor
Paladin Danse as a companion
0002bf21 BoS201
Icon Tour of Duty.png
Tour of Duty The Prydwen Elder Maxson 300 XP 000537fc BoS201B
Icon Show No Mercy.png
Show No Mercy The Prydwen
Fort Strong
Elder Maxson 300 XP
8 Vertibird signal grenade
000537ff BoS202
Icon From Within.png
From Within The Institute
The Prydwen
Elder Maxson 350 XP 0009ff4e BoS203
Icon Outside the Wire.png
Outside the Wire The Institute Proctor Ingram or Elder Maxson 300 XP 0013c640 BoS204
Liberty Reprimed.png
Liberty Reprimed Boston Airport ruins
General Atomics Galleria
Sentinel Site Prescott
Proctor Ingram 600 XP
T-60 medic pump
000ae51c BoS301
Blind Betrayal trophy.png Blind Betrayal Listening Post Bravo Elder Maxson 350 XP
Rank of Paladin
Full set of BoS V T-60d power armor
000b9f9d BoS302
Tactical Thinking.png
Tactical Thinking North End
Old North Church
Railroad HQ
Lancer Captain Kells 500 XP 00107a1c BoS302B
Icon Spoils of War.png
Spoils of War Mass Fusion building Proctor Ingram 600 XP 000fdc8c BoS303
Ad Victoriam trophy.png Ad Victoriam East Boston police station
Proctor Ingram 500 XP 00173ed9 BoS304
The Nuclear Option trophy.png The Nuclear Option (Brotherhood of Steel) The Institute Elder Maxson 1500 XP 0010c64b MQ302BoS
Icon A New Dawn.png
A New Dawn The Prydwen Elder Maxson 300 XP
T-60 jetpack
Rank of Sentinel
00182eae BoS305
Side quests
Icon A Loose End.png
A Loose End The Prydwen
Rocky cave
Lancer Captain Kells 300 XP
Visionary's T-60c helmet
000adce5 BoSM04
Icon Duty or Dishonor.png
Duty or Dishonor The Prydwen
Boston Airport
Boston Airport ruins
Lancer Captain Kells T-60C legendary torso piece
& 300 XP
OR 50 caps & 300 XP
OR 100 caps
0004402c BoSM02
Icon The Lost Patrol.png
The Lost Patrol West Everett Estates
National Guard training yard
Revere satellite array
Recon Bunker Theta
Paladin Danse OR
Lancer Captain Kells
350 XP
BOS Combat armor chest
Survivor's Special
000b1d79 BoSM01
Radiant quests
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Cleansing the Commonwealth Cambridge Police Station
Radiant location
Knight Rhys 200 XP
~100 caps
00064ec7 BoSR01
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Feeding the Troops The Prydwen
Radiant location
Proctor Teagan 100 XP 000d1eb2 BoSR05
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Leading by Example The Prydwen
Boston Airport
Radiant location
Lancer Captain Kells 300 XP 000c8675 BoSR03
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Learning Curve The Prydwen
Boston Airport
Radiant location
Proctor Quinlan 300 XP
~100 caps
000cf3e2 BoSR04
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Quartermastery Cambridge Police Station
Radiant location
Scribe Haylen 200 XP
~100 caps
000c30dc BosR02
Repeatable quests
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Blood Bank The Prydwen Senior Scribe Neriah 50 caps per viable blood sample
6 X-111 compound every 20 samples
001b2b08 BoSFFMaster
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Getting Technical The Prydwen Proctor Quinlan 25 caps per Technical document found 001b2b08 BoSFFMaster
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Reactor Coolant The Prydwen Proctor Ingram 100 caps per Reactor coolant 001b2b08 BoSFFMaster

The Railroad[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
Icon Road to Freedom.png
Road to Freedom Boston Common
Old North Church
300 XP 000459d2 RR101
Tradecraft trophy.png Tradecraft The Switchboard
Old North Church
Desdemona 300 XP
Membership in The Railroad
Deliverer gun
Deacon as a companion
0006fa37 RR102
Underground Undercover trophy.png Underground Undercover The Institute (location)
Cambridge Polymer Labs
Desdemona 600 XP
500 caps
Railway rifle
Railway spikes
000b2d48 RR201
Icon Precipice of War.png
Precipice of War Railroad HQ Desdemona 500 XP 0002c8cb RR302
Rockets Red Glare trophy.png Rockets' Red Glare Cambridge Police Station
The Prydwen
Desdemona 500 XP 00043275 RR303
The Nuclear Option trophy.png The Nuclear Option (Railroad) The Institute (location) Desdemona 1500 XP 0010c64c MQ302RR
Side quests
Icon Boston After Dark.png
Boston After Dark Railroad HQ
Bunker Hill
Desdemona 300 XP
~180 caps
Ticonderoga as a safehouse
0005fd90 RRM01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Mercer Safehouse Railroad HQ
A chosen settlement
P.A.M. 300 XP
200 caps
000b26c2 RRR04
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Burning Cover Railroad HQ 75 XP 0019e746 RRAct3Lost
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Butcher's Bill Railroad HQ
Kendall Hospital
Carrington 300 XP
150 Caps
000b1f1d RRR01a
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Butcher's Bill 2 Railroad HQ Carrington 300 XP
175 Caps
000b1f1c RRR01b
Icon Memory Interrupted.png
Memory Interrupted Railroad HQ
Malden Center
Desdemona 300 XP
200 caps
Two Railroad Stealth Boys
000a8baf RRM02
Icon Operation Ticonderoga.png
Operation Ticonderoga Railroad HQ
Desdemona 300 XP
500 caps
A random armor or weapon
0007cc61 RR301
Radiant quests
Icon Railroad quest.png
A Clean Equation Railroad HQ
Random location
Predictive Analytic Machine 75 XP
130 caps
0014a34a RRR10
Icon Railroad quest.png
Concierge Mercer Safehouse
Random location
Caretaker 300 XP
000b3e82 RRR02a
Icon Railroad quest.png
High Ground Railroad HQ
Random location
P.A.M. 75 XP 00150577 RRR11
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Jackpot: (Locationname) Railroad HQ
Hub 360
Medford Memorial Hospital
Pinnacle Highrise
P.A.M. 250 XP
Ballistic weave
000b926b RRR03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Lost Soul: (Locationname) Railroad HQ
Variable location
Doctor Carrington 400 XP
250 caps
00145f1a RRR09
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Randolph Safehouse (Number) Railroad HQ
Variable location
Drummer Boy 300 XP
Institute Killer Weave
001845f7 RRR06
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
To the Mattresses (Number) Railroad HQ
Variable location
Desdemona 400 XP
Chance of a random item
150-300 caps,
450 caps and two random items on completion of the final mission
0013a33d RRR08
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Variable Removal: (Locationname} Railroad HQ
Variable location
P.A.M. 300 XP
270 caps
00186c79 RRR07
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Weathervane: (Locationname} Railroad HQ
Variable location
Tinker Tom 100 XP 000b926a RRR05

The Institute[]

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
Icon Synth Retention.png
Synth Retention The Institute
Father 200 XP
Quarters in The Institute
000e2058 Inst301
Icon The Battle of Bunker Hill.png
The Battle of Bunker Hill The Institute
Bunker Hill
Father 500 XP
500 caps
000a8258 Inst302
Mankind Redefined trophy.png Mankind-Redefined The Institute Father 400 XP
X6-88 as a companion
0002b4e9 Inst303
Icon Mass Fusion.png
Mass Fusion The Institute
Mass Fusion building
Father 600 XP 0015bd39 InstMassFusion
Icon Pinned.png
Pinned The Institute
Graygarden Homestead
Father 500 XP 00055be4 MinVsInst
Powering Up trophy.png Powering Up The Institute
Diamond City
Father 500 XP 000a274b Inst305
Icon End of the Line.png
End of the Line The Institute
Railroad HQ
Father 500 XP 000ac7b3 Inst306
Icon Airship Down.png
Airship Down The Institute
Boston Airport
Father 600 XP 000bacff Inst307
Nuclear Family trophy.png Nuclear Family The Institute 1500 XP
Institute Paint Mod for X-01 power armor
Father's lab coat
000bad00 Inst308
Side quests
Icon A House Divided.png
A House Divided The Institute Newton Oberly 200 XP 000b2d47 InstM03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Banished from the Institute The Institute 300 XP 0016d036 InstKickOut
Icon Building a Better Crop.png
Building a Better Crop The Institute
Warwick homestead
Isaac Karlin 200 XP
250 caps
20 stimpaks
Warwick homestead as a settlement
000986c7 InstM01
Icon Plugging a Leak.png
Plugging a Leak The Institute Justin Ayo 400 XP
1000 caps or Liam's glasses
000a8257 InstM02
Icon Institute quest.png
Political Leanings The Institute
Diamond City
Justin Ayo 75 XP
*100 caps
000f0d8c InstR05
Radiant quests
Icon Institute quest.png
Appropriation The Institute
Radiant location
Evan Watson 350 XP
*4 fusion cells
000edcef InstR03NEW
Icon Institute quest.png
Hypothesis The Institute
Radiant location
Clayton Holdren 400 XP
*4 Stimpaks
000eb268 InstR02
Icon Institute quest.png
Pest Control: (Locationname) The Institute
Radiant location
Alan Binet 400 XP
*10 Pre-War money
000f7933 InstR01
Icon Institute quest.png
Reclamation: (Locationname) The Institute
Radiant location
Alana Secord 400 XP
*5 plasma grenades
000ede28 InstR04

Side quests[]

These are non-affiliated side quests.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Cambridge Polymer Labs Cambridge Polymer Labs Molly 200 XP
Piezonucleic power armor
000284bc DN015
Icon Confidence Man.png
Confidence Man Diamond City
Dugout Inn
Diamond City Radio
Beantown Brewery
Vadim Bobrov 300 XP
Travis is more confident on Diamond City Radio
00022a05 MS14
Icon Curtain Call.png
Curtain Call Trinity Tower Trinity Tower Radio 200 XP
Strong as a companion
Reginald's suit (male)
Agatha's dress (female)
00146c84 MS10b
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Dependency Vault 81 Tina De Luca 75 XP 00033527 V81_03
Icon Diamond City Blues.png
Diamond City Blues Diamond City
Four Leaf fishpacking plant
Paul Pembroke 400 XP 00022a04 MS13
Icon The Secret of Cabot House.png
Emogene Takes a Lover Cabot House
The Third Rail
Charles View Amphitheater
Edward Deegan 150 XP
195 caps
000503b9 MS09Mission02
Icon Vault 81 quest.png
Here Kitty, Kitty Vault 81 Erin Combes 75 XP
Fusion core, or
*Kickball, or
*Teddy bear, or
*Silver locket
00033520 V81_01
Icon Here There Be Monsters.png
Here There Be Monsters On the docks behind The Shamrock Taphouse
Saugus Ironworks
Donny Kowalski 200 XP
3 homing beacons
*4 Pre-War money
*200 Caps
*Zao's sword
000229f7 MS02
Icon Vault 81 quest.png
Hole in the Wall Vault 81 Dr. Penske 250 XP
Syringer rifle
Vault 81 room
Curie as a companion
00022a0a MS19
Icon Human Error.png
Human Error Covenant
Honest Dan 350 XP
Covenant as settlement
300 caps if siding with Chambers
00022a08 MS17
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
In Sheep's Clothing Diamond City Danny Sullivan 150 XP 001764df FFDiamondCity10
Icon Kid in a Fridge.png
Kid in a Fridge The fridge
Peabody house
Billy 150 XP
200-850 caps
000229f6 MS01
Icon Last Voyage of the USS Constitution.png
Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution USS Constitution Captain Ironsides 450 XP
Lieutenant's hat
00022a02 MS11
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Mystery Meat Longneck Lukowski's Cannery Theodore Collins 200 XP
50 caps
0002633e DN079
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Order Up Drumlin Diner Wolfgang OR
150 XP
100/125/140/150/200 caps
001069a9 DialogueDrumlinDiner
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Out in Left Field Diamond City
Westing Estate
Moe Cronin 150 XP
300/375/450/600 caps
00035d03 FFDiamondCity06
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Out of the Fire Finch farm
Saugus Ironworks
Preston Garvey
Abraham Finch
Jake Finch
300 XP
Finch Farm as a settlement
00026340 DN121
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Painting the Town Diamond City
Hardware Town
Abbot 150 XP
100-300 caps
0001d727 FFDiamondCity01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Pickman's Gift Pickman Gallery Pickman 150 XP
Pickman's Blade
Pickman's thank you note
0004ad05 DN101
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Public Knowledge Goodneighbor
Boston Public Library
Daisy 400 XP
200/250/300/400 caps
0010b654 FFGoodneighbor02
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Pull the Plug Thicket Excavations Sully Mathis 200 XP
50 caps
001073ce DN138
Sanctuary trophy.png Sanctuary Sanctuary Hills Preston Garvey 150 XP 0005dee4 Min01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Short Stories Vault 81 Katy 75 XP
Grognak the Barbarian
001338b9 V81_04
Icon The Secret of Cabot House.png
Special Delivery Cabot House
Parsons State Insane Asylum
Parsons Creamery
Edward Deegan 200 XP
100/150 caps
000503b8 MS09Mission01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Story of the Century Diamond City
Publick Occurrences
Piper Wright 150 XP
Piper as a companion
000456e8 FFDiamondCity07
Icon The Big Dig.png
The Big Dig Goodneighbor
The Dig
Diamond City
Bobbi No-Nose 300 XP
John Hancock as a companion
300 caps if sided with Bobbi
00022a07 MS16
Icon The Devils Due.png
The Devil's Due Museum of Witchcraft
Colonial Taphouse
Deathclaw nest, northwest of Parsons State Insane Asylum
Private Hart's holotape 400 XP
200/300/400/500 caps & Wellingham's recipe or
Deathclaw gauntlet
0014b717 MS05B
Icon Detective Case Files.png
The Disappearing Act Diamond City Valentine Detective Agency 250 XP 0001cb51 MS07a
Icon Detective Case Files.png
The Gilded Grasshopper Faneuil Hall
Shem Drowne's grave
Marty Bullfinch file or the Gilded grasshopper 350 XP
Copper, silver and gold bars
Shem Drowne sword
000229fd MS07b
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Marowski Heist Diamond City
Darcy Pembroke 150 XP
400/500/600/800/900 caps
000457c6 MS13FindPhoto
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Memory Den Memory Den Irma 150 XP 00108ec0 FFGoodneighbor01
Icon The Secret of Cabot House.png
The Secret of Cabot House Parsons State Insane Asylum
Cabot House
Jack Cabot 300 XP and:
*500 caps & Lorenzo's Artifact or
"Lifetime supply" of Mysterious serum
00022a00 MS09
Icon The Silver Shroud.png
The Silver Shroud Goodneighbor Kent Connolly 450 XP
750 caps
Silver Shroud gear
Silver Shroud gear upgrades (if Kent survives)
00027556 MS04
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Trouble Brewin' Goodneighbor Rufus Rubins 200 XP
200-400 caps
0017d18c DialogueGoodneighborRufus
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Vault 75 Malden Middle School 200 XP 000fcb15 DN143
Icon Vault 81 quest.png
Vault 81 Vault 81 Overseer McNamara 75 XP
Access to Vault 81
000b8464 V81_00_Intro

Miscellaneous quests[]

These quests are displayed under the section "Miscellaneous" of the Pip-Boy.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Art Appreciation Goodneighbor
Pickman Gallery
John Hancock 150 XP
? caps
001120de FFGoodneighbor05
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Atom Cats (quest) Atom Cats Garage Zeke (Fallout 4) 150 XP
Zeke's jacket and jeans
00048516 DN054
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Botany Class Diamond City market
Forest Grove marsh
Solomon 150 XP
100/125/150/200 caps
Buffout x1
Jet x1
Psycho x1
0002125f FFDiamondCity03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Combat Zone Combat Zone ~100 caps
Cait as a companion
0002074b CZ
Icon Detective Case Files.png
Detective Case Files Diamond City Case files on the table 000229fc MS07
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Diamond City's Most Wanted Dugout Inn or Diamond City market Wanted poster 150/400 XP 0014182c (raiders)
0018127d (mutants)
00181280 (ghouls)
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Fallen Hero Bunker Hill
Old Gullet sinkhole
Joe Savoldi 150 caps
Grandpa Savoldi's hat
00122220 FFBunkerHill01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain Jamaica Plain Hadrian's invitation
Jamaica Plain flyer
2076 World Series baseball bat
Unique pre-war items
000e9914 DN070
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Fly Fishing Diamond City Doctor Duff 75 XP
100/125/150/200 bottlecaps
0002c59b FFDiamondCity05
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Giddyup 'n Go The Slog
Wilson Atomatoys factory
Arlen Glass 100 XP
150/225/300 caps
000254b7 DN154
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Greet the Dog Red Rocket truck stop Dogmeat Dogmeat as a companion 0006dfaf DogmeatQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Gun Run Rook family house Barney Rook 350 XP
Reba II
001243d6 DN083_Barney
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Hazardous Material Goodneighbor
HalluciGen, Inc.
Fred Allen 400 XP
200/250/300/400 caps
0010cb94 FFGoodneighbor03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
MacCready for Action Goodneighbor Robert Joseph MacCready as a companion 001160b3 FFGoodneighbor06
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Meet Ness at the Crash Site Skylanes Flight 1981 Ness 50/100/150/200 caps 000684d0 DN123
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Nuka Cola Needs Diamond City Sheffield Sheffield as a settler 000502ac FFDiamondCity08
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Pool Cleaning Diamond City Sheng Kawolski 75 XP
100/125/150/200 caps
00142434 FFDiamondCity04
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Prep School Bunker Hill
East Boston Preparatory School
Kessler 300 XP
Trade caravan post to build in settlements
0012221f FFBunkerHill03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Report to the Director of the General Atomics Galleria General Atomics Galleria Opening of the businesses of the Galleria 0004542b DN049
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Search for caps in (location)
Look for the stash of chems in (location)
Find the (weapon) in (location)
Search for scrap in (location)
Search for tech in (location)
Radiant locations Raider's note
Junkie's note
Gunner's note
Scavenger's note
Settler's note
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Cleaner Goodneighbor Whitechapel Charlie 150 XP
200/400 caps
0010d5a7 FFGoodneighbor04
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Traffic Jam Bunker Hill
National Guard training yard
Deb 300 XP
200/400 caps
00122221 FFBunkerHill02
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Troubled Waters Graygarden Preston Garvey 200 XP
Graygarden as a new settlement
000482cd DN151
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Vault 81 Tour Vault 81 Austin Engill 75 XP 00099e5d Vault81Tour
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Virgil's Cure Rocky cave
The Institute
Brian Virgil 100 XP 000adce7 DN053

Unmarked quests[]

These are quests that can be completed for certain rewards, but do not appear in your Pip-Boy.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
A Pillar of the Community Charles View Amphitheater Brother Thomas 000c5093 DN019JoinCult
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Bill Sutton (quest) Warwick Homestead Bill Sutton 2 caps per tato or mutfruit 0003f242 DialogueWarwickHomestead
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Brother Against Brother Diamond City Riley
0014bf48 FFDiamondCity12
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Familiar Faces Goodneighbor Vault-Tec rep Vault-Tec rep as a settler 00033582 DialogueGoodneighbor
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Fertilizer Woman Vault 81 Dr. Penske 25 caps per bag of fertilizer 0003f244 DialogueVault81
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Holly (quest) The Slog Holly 0003f241 DialogueTheSlog
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Lucy Abernathy (quest) Abernathy farm Lucy Abernathy 3/5 caps per Melon 0006b4cf DialogueAbernathyFarm
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Maintenance Man Vault 81 Calvin Whitaker 15 caps per tool 0003f244 DialogueVault81
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Quality Assurance General Atomics factory 00045770 DN050
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Supervisor Brown (quest) Graygarden Supervisor Brown 2 caps per Mutfruit 0003f23f DialogueGraygarden
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Supervisor Greene (quest) Graygarden Supervisor Greene 100/300 caps 0003f23f DialogueGraygarden
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Suspected Synth An established settlement 00109d73 MinRadiantOwned10ChangeLocOnly
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Wedding Day Diamond City Miss Edna
00145676 FFDiamondCity09
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
World Series Win Diamond City Moe Cronin 00003648 DialogueDiamondCity

Companion quests[]

This quests are given once the player gained enough affinity with a particular companion.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Benign Intervention Vault 95 Cait 200 XP
Cait cured from her addictions. New interests.
001666c5 COMCaitQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Emergent Behavior Memory Den Curie 300 XP
Reputation with Curie
Synth Curie
0016454e COMCurieQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Long Road Ahead Mass Pike Interchange
Med-Tek Research
Robert Joseph MacCready 250 XP 00027411 COMMacCreadyQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Long Time Coming Andrew Station Nick Valentine 450 XP
Eddie's Peace gun
Close to Metal perk
000229fe MS07c

Settlement quests[]

Mbox cleanup.png
クリーンアップ (理由: Need to determine if these are quests, or just scripted events)

In addition to the Help defend (settlement name) quests, there are a number of unmarked quests associated with settlements.

Form ID Editor ID Comments
0024907f WorkshopDeathclawAttack01 This is a scripted event with no objectives.
00249081 WorkshopDeathclawAttack02 This is a scripted event with no objectives.
00176327 WorkshopRadioBeaconRecruit This is a scripted event with no objectives.
0024907e WorkshopRadscorpionAttack01 This is a scripted event with no objectives.
000c4436 WorkshopSummonedByAlarm This is a scripted event with no objectives.
000c4435 WorkshopSummonedByBell This is a scripted event with no objectives.
001a5096 WorkshopTutorial This is a scripted event with no objectives.
00249080 WorkshopYaoGuaiAttack01 This is a scripted event with no objectives.
000a1412 MinRadiantOwned01 Raiders have been threatening <Alias=ActualLocation>. I should do what I can to build up their defenses before it's too late.
0003df95 MinRadiantOwned02 A gang of Raiders has been terrorizing <Alias=ActualLocation>. I need to find them, and make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.
0003e0c1 MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnly Kidnapped Trader at <Alias=ActualLocation>
00160409 MinRadiantOwned05 I should help build up the defenses at <Alias=ActualLocation> before the Super Mutants attack again.
00161d1d MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnly The people at <Alias=ActualLocation> are short of <Alias=TroubleName>. I've agreed to help.
00162f44 MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnly The people at <Alias=ActualLocation> need help repairing their generator. They suggested I might find the parts to fix it at <Alias=Dungeon>.
00186a08 MinRadiantOwned08 Preston Garvey had word that a friendly settlement is requesting help from the Minutemen to defend themselves from the Gunners.
0005e51f MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnly The settlers of <Alias=ActualLocation> are afraid they're about to be attacked by a pack of roving feral ghouls. I should do what I can to build up their defenses before it's too late.
001533a9 MinRadiantOwned11 The people of <Alias=ActualLocation> are worried that Institute synths are preparing to attack. I should do what I can to build up their defenses before it's too late.


These quests are only playable after Automatron has been installed.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
MQ01 RobotsGoneWild.png
Mechanical Menace Wattz Consumer Electronics Caravan distress call 250 XP
Robot workbench schematics
xx000806 DLC01MQ01
MQ02 BuildingABetterBot.png
A New Threat General Atomics factory Ada 300 XP xx000801 DLC01MQ02
MQ04 TroubleAhead.png
Headhunting Fort Hagen satellite array
Fort Hagen hangar
Radiant location
Ada 400 XP
xx002833 DLC01MQ04
MQ05 RestoringOrder.png
Restoring Order RobCo sales & service center
The Mechanist's lair
Ada 300 XP
Mechanist's armor and helmet
xx0010f5 DLC01MQ05
Side quests
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Rogue Robot The Mechanist's lair
Radiant location
The Mechanist
300 XP xx000000 DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault01

DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantScene01 DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantTravel01 DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantTravel02 DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault04_Inst DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault02 DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault03_Min DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault05_BOS DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantScene02

Far Harbor[]

These quests are only playable after Far Harbor has been installed.

Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
FH Far from Home trophy.jpg
Far from Home Valentine Detective Agency
Nakano residence
Far Harbor
Valentine's Detective Agency Radio Access to Far Harbor
400 XP
300 caps
xx001b3f DLC03MQ01
Fo4FH Walk in the Park.png
Walk in the Park Far Harbor
Captain Avery Longfellow's cabin as a settlement
400 XP
xx001b40 DLC03MQ02
FH Where You Belong trophy.jpg
Where You Belong Acadia Old Longfellow Access to Acadia xx001b41 DLC03MQ03
Fo4FH Best Left Forgotten.png
Best Left Forgotten The Nucleus Kasumi Nakano xx001b42 DLC03MQ04
FH The Way Life Should Be trophy.jpg
The Way Life Should Be Destroyer of Acadia perk
Acadia's Shield (armor chestpiece)
Lucky Eddy (lever-action rifle)
xx001b43 DLC03MQ05
FH Cleansing the Land trophy.jpg
Cleansing the Land Far Harbor Survivalist xx001b44 DLC03MQ06
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
Reformation Acadia
The Nucleus
Protector of Acadia
Atom's Bulwark
xx02127f DLC03MQ06a
FH Close to Home trophy.jpg
Close to Home Acadia
Nakano residence
xx004f2c DLC03MQPostQuest
Side quests
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Brain Dead Vault 118 Pearl xx036763 DLC03_V118_Quest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Shipbreaker The Island
Shipbreaker's radio frequency Skipper's Last Stand xx040a87 DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned05
Acadia side quests
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
Acadian Ideals Acadia xx0456d3 DLC03AcadiaQuestPointers
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
Data Recovery The Island
Faraday xx04b1f6 DLC03AcadiaM03
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
The Arrival The Island
Chase xx01536f DLC03AcadiaM01
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
The Price of Memory Acadia Cog xx04b95a DLC03AcadiaM04
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
Hunting the Hunter Acadia Dejen xx04049b DLC03

Children of Atom side quests
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Ablutions The Nucleus Mai Radical Conversion xx02b500 DLC03DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Heretic The Nucleus
Ruined church
Grand Zealot Richter Atom's Judgement xx01b0af DLC03AtomM02
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Visions in the Fog The Nucleus
Atom's Spring
Grand Zealot Richter Member of the Church of the Children of Atom
Access to the Nucleus
xx00afb1 DLC03AtomM01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
What Atom Requires The Nucleus High Confessor Tektus xx0500e4 DLC03CoA_QuestPointers
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
The Trial of Brother Devin The Nucleus Zealot Ware Ware's Brew xx01055c DLC03CoA_FFNucleus01
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
Witch Hunt The Nucleus High Confessor Tektus Inquisitor's cowl xx02c8b3 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02
Far Harbor side quests
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Blood Tide Far Harbor
National Park campground
Dalton farm
Brooke's Head Lighthouse
Cassie Dalton Bloodletter
Dalton farm as a settlement
xx023acb DLC03FarHarborFF01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Hull Breach Far Harbor
Eagle's Cove tannery
The Mariner xx00a990 DLC03DLC03FarHarborFF03a
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Hull Breach 2 Far Harbor
MS Azalea
The Mariner xx00aec4 DLC03FarHarborFF03b
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Hull Breach 3 Far Harbor
Haddock Cove
The Mariner A legendary harpoon gun xx02039a DLC03FarHarborFF03c
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Living on the Edge Far Harbor Captain Avery xx04e77a DLC03DLC03FarHarborM02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Rite of Passage Far Harbor
The Island
Teddy Wright The captain's hat
The Captain's Feast
xx00a992 DLC03FarHarborM01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Safe Passage Far Harbor Captain Avery xx023aca DLC03FarHarborFF02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
The Changing Tide Far Harbor Captain Avery Rescue diver suit xx04e779 DLC03FarHarborM03
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
The Great Hunt Far Harbor
The Island
The Mariner Legend of the Harbor xx000000
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
The Hold Out Far Harbor
National Park Visitor's Center
Mitch National Park Visitor's Center as a settlement xx00a991 DLC03FarHarborS01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
Turn Back the Fog Far Harbor
Echo Lake Lumber
Small Bertha Echo Lake Lumber as a settlement xx00aec3 DLC03FarHarborS02
Commonwealth Factions quests

Icon Institute quest.png
Forbidden Knowledge The Institute William Moseley xx000000
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
Search and Destroy The Prydwen Lancer Captain Kells xx000000


  • The Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute, and the Railroad are mutually hostile. Progressing through one's questline will eventually make the player hostile to the other factions.
  • Siding with The Institute might make the Minutemen hostile, but this can easily be avoided with Charisma and selecting correct dialogue choices.
  • The Minutemen route only becomes available if the player is hostile with the Institute, either by attacking them or by getting into a heated argument with Father. If the player wishes to end the main quest by siding with the Minutemen, the Institute is the only faction that needs to be destroyed.
  • The Minutemen can also become hostile with The Railroad if they don't sound the evacuation signal during the Nuclear Option (Minutemen) quest.
  • Minutemen can also destroy the Brotherhood of Steel if they later get into a hostile relationship with the player, even if the player sided with the Brotherhood in order to finish the main quest.
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