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Faction Locations IDs
Brotherhood of Steel ケンブリッジ警察署, プリドゥウェン, ボストン空港 0005de41
インスティチュート インスティチュート 0005e558
ミニッツメン コンコード, サンクチュアリ・ヒルズ, キャッスル 00068043
レイルロード 連邦, オールド・ノース・チャーチ 000994f6

Minor Factions[]

The following are minor factions that can either be neutral, friendly or hostile towards the player and each other.

Faction Locations IDs
Atom Cats Atom Cats garage 00048641
Diamond City security Diamond City 00002f65
Children of Atom Crater of Atom, The Commonwealth 00134270 (Crater of Atom),
0002fb84 (hostile faction)
Triggermen Goodneighbor 00083ad0
Forged Saugus Ironworks 0031010d
Gunners The Commonwealth 00058303
Pillars of the Community Charles View Amphitheater 000bbf88
Cultists at Charles View Amphitheater Charles View Amphitheater 000c518d
Cultists leader at Charles View Amphitheater Charles View Amphitheater 0019def1, 002470b5,

002470b6, 002470b7, 002470b5, 002470b6 & 002470b7

Neighborhood Watch Goodneighbor 000e1acc
Raiders The Commonwealth 0001cbed
Vault 81 Guard Faction Vault 81 0004f4a4
Nahant Robot Faction Nahant 0007ee3f
Virgil's Faction 000addf7
Recon Bunker Theta Owner Faction 000b3d7d
Bullet Faction 00106ca3
AJ's Faction 00128cef
Merchant Faction 001338e7
Eddie Winter Faction 0014bf23, 0022bc1e

& 0022bc1f

Zao's Faction 0018e8c0
Alien Faction 001f6113 & 0023b858
DN136 Scientists Faction 0022d9ee, 0022d9ef,

0024800b & 0024800b

DN136 Synths and Attacking Faction 00249966 & 00249967

Creature Factions[]

These are the factions for different type of creatures, most are hostile to everyone.

Faction IDs
Bug Faction 000267bf & 00028670
Creature Faction 00022b31
Ghoul Faction 00028fd6 & 000361d2
Yao guai faction 000b3d82
Radroach faction 000edce1
Bloodbug faction 000edce2
Bloatfly faction 000edce3
Stingwing faction 000edce4
Eyebot faction 000edce5
Deathclaw 0001e722

Technical factions[]

These are factions which are used in the game for technical purposes and to enable complex functionality during quests encounters.

Faction IDs
Player faction 0001c21c
Non-hostile Faction 0001d289
Faction for Captives - Friends with everyone 0003e0c8
Ownership faction for Min03 0005238b
Actors in this faction are temporarily unavailable 0007d565
Raider faction to allow player to get closer to scenes 000f17c1 & 000f5c3a
Holdup Faction 000f8f07 & 000f8f08
Combat Zone Crime Faction 0010699f
Missionaries (guards) faction 00123a16
Enemy of REPrisionerFreedCombatPrsionerFaction 00148903
Enemy of captor combat faction 00148904
Danse BoS Enemies Faction 001b513d
MS07c Raider Faction 002141a9 & 002170e6
MS07c Nick Faction 002141aa
Outside of the Institute Crime Faction 0024903b & 0024903b
Danse doesn't consider people in this faction murder 0024903b & 0024903b
CIS_CompanionInSceneFaction 00249d44