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The Combat Zone is the former Orpheum Theatre that has been repurposed into a fight club, which was later claimed by raiders about three years before the Sole Survivor encounters it. It is located at Hamilton Place just off of Tremont Street. It is also the location of a potential companion, Cait, with whom the Sole Survivor meets after speaking with Tommy Lonegan.

In the entrance, two raiders are behind a security gate that can be unlocked via the adjacent terminal. They remain non-hostile. In the same area is an Expert safe.

Within the theater, a large cage dominates the stage area. All inhabitants except Tommy and Cait turn hostile, the latter taking refuge inside the cage until the battle is over. At that time, Tommy may award the Sole Survivor with around 100 bottlecaps for clearing this area.

Once cleared, one can find several stations: On the left as upon entering are a weapons workbench and an armor workbench. A chemistry station is on the right hand side of the entrance, and a cooking station is also on the right towards the stage area, as well as a second to the left of the main doors.


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ケイトがプレイヤーが初回に訪れた際に発生するイベントにて、ケイトが勝利した際にIdiot Savantが発動する場合がある。

Icon cut content情報はFallout 4の没データに基いています が,Falloutの正史には含まれない情報です.
  • トミーの音声データ内には、プレイヤーがコンバットゾーンの選手として出場時に使われたと思われる未使用データがある。また、賞金についてやアリーナで戦う相手選手、コンバットゾーン地下に向かうエレベータなどの未使用データも数多く確認される。これらアリーナ関連の要素がまるまる没された理由は不明だが、ケイトを登場させるためにコンバットゾーン自体が削除されることなく残されたのだと思われる。
  • PC版ではコンソール画面coc combatzone02を打ち込むことで、未使用となった地下エリアに訪れることが可能になる。元のコンバットゾーンに戻るにはcoc combatzone01を打ち込めば戻れる。
Icon cut contentFallout 4の没データに基く最終的な情報です


Fallout 4のみに登場。

Behind the scenes編集

The "Combat Zone" was the 1960s to 1980s name for the red light and adult entertainment district (Chinatown) near the in-game location, the name referring to both the crime and soldiers that frequented the area. In real life, the area today has changed due to re-zoning starting in the early 1990s and is not currently considered a red light district. Due to the zone changes, most of the adult bookstores, sex shops, and peep shows closed down. The real life Combat Zone came to be in part because the nearby Scollay Square was demolished, although in the Fallout universe, Scollay Square was never demolished, as can be seen when the player character visits Goodneighbor and the Memory Den. There are also references to Scollay Square on Diamond City Radio.


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