[verification needed]

テンプレートドキュメンテーション (上に表示されるテンプレートは、隠れるか不可視になることがあります)

Template for facts which need verification. If used with a timestamp, it alerts users of overdue verifications (4 weeks after insertion) by changing displayed text and adding Category:Verification overdue to the page.


Insert the following after the fact that needs to be checked:



requiredIcon required
<unnamed 1>
  • Time stamp when the template was inserted. Use 5 tildes (~~~~~).
  • verified - For use on bugs only, when the bug has been verified by a secondary source. Adds the article to the hidden category Category:Articles with verified bugs.
optionalIcon optional


Statement requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~}}

Statement requiring verification.[verification needed]

Statement overdue for verification.{{Verify|01:58, January 1, 2013 (UTC)}}

Statement overdue for verification.[verification overdue]

Bug statement that has been verified.{{Verify|verified}}

Bug statement that has been verified.[verified]

Bug requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=bug}}

Bug requiring verification.[verification needed]

Citation requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=cite}}

Citation requiring verification.[verification needed]

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