Un Libro Pre-Bellico è un libro che non è stato distrutto. E' un oggetto abbastanza raro, ricercato dalla Confraternita d'Acciaio della Zona Contaminata della Capitale. Più specificatamente, la Scriba Yearling, situata alla Biblioteca di Arlington, ricompenserà il giocatore con 10 punti XP e 100 tappi per libro per aver contribuito ad arricchire il suo archivio. Vedi Libri per Yearling.


  • Wolfgang il Pazzo e pochi altri venditori potrebbero vendere falsi libri pre-bellici. Questi libri falsi si trovano anche nei DLC. Una volta che il giocatore ha investito completamente nell'inventario di Wolfgang, esso inizierà a venderli. I libri possono essere riconosciuti dal fatto che i veri libri pre-bellici hanno valore 1, una copertina verde e hanno un'icona speciale di libro, mentre i libri "falsi" valgono 5, hanno una copertina blu e appaiono con l'icona di spazzatura. Questi "falsi" libri possono essere trovato per la Zona Contaminata e in Point Lookout.
  • Trasportare più di 99 libri e parlando con lo Scriba Yearling, essa prenderà solo 99 libri, pagando comunque il giocatore con XP e tappi per il totale dei libri.
  • Dei libri pre-bellici blu e verdi possono essere trovati in Operation:Anchorage. Non possono essere comunque presi in inventario.


Il G.E.C.K. mostra che ci sono 111 Libri Pre-Bellici ("BookGeneric01") nel gioco, più quelli aggiunti dai DLC. I link sotto indicano dove trovarli:

Luogo Numero Descrizione
Alexandria Arms 1
Arlington Library 10 3 in the Lobby, 5 in the Children's Wing, and 2 in the media archives
Anchorage War Memorial 3 3 in the utility room
Bethesda Ruins 2 Only room on the second floor of the Bethesda Offices West, on top of the filing cabinets to the west.
Charnel House 2 NW in a mined ruined house with sandbags, occupied by a scavenger.
Chryslus Building 1 Room above the building basement doorway
Cliffside Cavern 1 Towards the northwest chamber inside of a tent on a small round table. You will also find a Mini Nuke in the same tent. When you see the Raider with the Missile Launcher you'll know you're in the right place.
Clifftop Shacks 1 Abandoned shack
Dupont Circle 1 On a bookcase in an abandoned house guarded by Raiders. Northwest of Dupont East and South of Dupont Northeast.
Farragut West Station 3 Inside an Average locked storeroom near the Tenleytown/Friendship Station exit
Fort Constantine 3 2 in CO Quarters, 1 in the Launch Control Bunker
Franklin Metro Utility 3 2 in one zone, 1 in another
Germantown Police HQ 1 in the cell block next to the computer where Red is locked up
Hubris Comics 2 1 in the Publishing, 1 in Printing
Lighthouse 2 2 can be found on the same desk in a side room of the corridor in Professor Calvert's Lab. Only added with the Point Lookout DLC.
L.O.B. Enterprises 2 East wing
Mama Dolce's 2 Located on the highest floor on a desk in a room with a Nuka-Cola vending machine, first aid box and an active terminal.
Megaton 4 Inside Billy Creel's House (must be stolen).
Minefield 9 Inside the houses.
National Guard Depot 6 1 in one zone, 2 in another, 3 in a third.
Oasis 1 After entering the Sunken Chambers, walk until you can turn left, do so, and continue forward until you reach a table with a blue trunk on the ground to the right. The book in on the top of the trunk next to a box of Darts.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 1 On the western curved counter in the large waiting room area.

Paradise Falls

1 Slave house, on a table.
Republic of Dave 2 In the Museum of Dave, must be stolen.
RobCo Facility 3 One in the shelves behind reception desk, one around the computers in the control room (near the Big Book of Science), and one in the mainframe room.
Roosevelt Academy 1 Scavenger's half-destroyed house, one square West of Fort Bannister. It is on a table along with a Sawed-Off Shotgun and ammo.
Sewer Waystation 2 In a room in which you are attacked by a Ghoul (Gallo), the books are next to the bed.
Signal Alfa Lima 1 Near Broadcast Tower KB5
Signal Oscar Tango 1 South of the Jury Street Metro Station
Signal Oscar Zulu 1 Southeast of Relay Tower KX-B8-11
Signal Papa November 1 West of the Charnel House
Signal Sierra Romeo 2 North of Little Lamplight
Sniper Shack 1 Abandoned Shack west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. On the table to the left of the locker that contains the Victory Rifle.
Temple of the Union 1 Caleb's bed
Tepid Sewer 2 One in the locked storage room (opened via a terminal or Rocksalt's key) underneath some other books in a box, and one in the raider's sleeping quarters on top of the bookshelves.
The National Archives 5 In the basement
Vault 92 5 Scattered around.
Yao Guai Tunnels 1

On the table by the entrance

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