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Vault 101 Loudspeaker

Vault 101 loudspeaker

File:Vault 13 Loudspeaker.jpg

The Vault loudspeaker is an audio communications device used for broadcasting the Vault radio in Vault-Tec Vaults. Usually pre-recorded advice is heard, for all the vault residents to hear and listen to. Or any other special announcements. In times of emergency, the Overseer would speak through it.

The loudspeakers are wall-mounted onto the concrete walls of corridors and apartments. The components of loudspeakers are housed in a metal cover. In some Vaults, like Vault 101, the speaker cover fronts are rectangular and decorated in the style of the Vault-Tec symbol. In others, like Vault 13, they are square-shaped. The loudspeakers can be activated by a resident touching the speaker covers. The volume of the loudspeakers can't be increased nor decreased; it is set by the manufacturer.



Vault loudspeakers can be seen in the Fallout 2 intro, as well as in-game in Fallout 3.

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