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An improved version of the classic Brass Knuckles. The Spiked Knuckles do more damage, tearing into the flesh of your opponent in unarmed combat.

Fallout and Fallout 2[]

Spiked Knuckles
Damage 4 - 10
Damage Type Normal
Attack Modes Punch: 3 AP

Range: 1

Burst Rounds N/A
Ammo Type None
Ammo Capacity N/A
Minimum Strength 1
Hands Required 1
Weight 1 pound
Cost $250

The Spiked Knuckles can be acquired very early in the game - the Dunton Brothers each have a set to steal, and wield a second set in combat. If the player chooses to kill them, they can acquire four sets of Spiked Knuckles.

Fallout 3[]

Fallout 3 unique weapon
Szöges Bokszer
Fájl:Spiked Knuckles.png
skill: Unarmed
crit % mult: 1
crit dmg: 9
DPS: 4
AP: 19
item HP: 300
weight: 1
value: 25
base id: 00004354


In Fallout 3 the Spiked Knuckles are an unarmed weapon and are affected by the Iron Fist Perk.


Spiked Knuckles are commonly found on low-level Raiders, but can also be found randomly in compartments and merchants. They seem to be almost as common as the weaker Brass Knuckles.You can find several in the Lockers in the Elementary school


Aside from other Spiked Knuckles, they can be repaired with Brass Knuckles, Plunkett's Valid Points, and Steel Knuckles. This works vice versa as well, with the exception of Plunkett's Valid Points.


For a character with one or more ranks of the Iron Fist perk, the Spiked Knuckles serve as a very effective low-level weapon. Even with a very low unarmed skill, three ranks of this perk and the Spiked Knuckles can deal a heavy amount of damage. Even after acquiring the Deathclaw Gauntlet or one of the Power Fist variations, the Spiked Knuckles could be used against low-level enemies in order to preserve the durability of more powerful weapons.

Even if a player isn't focused on unarmed in combat, carrying a set of Spiked Knuckles is a good idea to save ammo or if you just feel like beating your enemy to death with your hands. It's low weight and damage boost over bare fist makes this a must have inventory item.

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