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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

A template used to construct Infobox templates.


|title         =infobox title
|titlehead     =small caption above infobox title
|titleheadlink =links titlehead to overview page
|subtitle      =line below infobox title
|icon          =icon, displayed in main header on the right
|image         =image displayed below main header, above data fields
|image_px      =image width
|image2        =second image displayed below first image, above data fields
|image2_px     =second image width
|width         =infobox width
|columns       =how many columns the infobox has
|data          =components, see below
|extra         =field below main infobox content
|extra2        =second field below infobox content

All settings are optional except for the title.

Dynamically created headers

Titleheads can be created dynamically by using the parameters "game", "game2" etc (up to 5). Depending on whether "titleheadlink" has been specified, the header will either be linked to an overview page or not. For the exact behaviour please see {{abblink}}. The "game" parameters expect standard abbreviations to be given. For the accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}.

This is useful if an infobox template is used for multiple games and you want it to link to the correct overview pages depending on which game it is used for. For example, setting "titlehead" to "weapon" and "titleheadlink" to "weapons", you can then let the editor in the respective article specify the "game" parameters and it will link to the correct overview page (e.g. "Fallout 3 weapons" if the editor enters "FO3"). It also supports multiple games for an individual infobox.


For details on how to use the components see their respective pages.

See also: Category:Infobox components.


From Template:Armor:

AC bonus: {{{Acbonus}}}
Damage Type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
normal: {{{Normdr}}} {{{Normdt}}}
laser: {{{Lasdr}}} {{{Lasdt}}}
fire: {{{Firedr}}} {{{Firedt}}}
plasma: {{{Plasdr}}} {{{Plasdt}}}
explode: {{{Expldr}}} {{{Expldt}}}
electrical: {{{Elecdr}}} {{{Elecdt}}}
weight: {{{Weight}}}
cost: {{{Cost}}}
{{#switch:{{{image|{{{Image|empty}}}}}}|empty|Blank.GIF|blank.GIF=|#default=[[image:{{{image|{{{Image}}}}}}]]}}{{#switch:{{{image2|{{{Image2|empty}}}}}}|empty|Blank.GIF|blank.GIF=|#default=   [[image:{{{image2|{{{Image2}}}}}}]]}}{{#switch:{{{image3|{{{Image3|empty}}}}}}|empty|Blank.GIF|blank.GIF=|#default=   [[image:{{{image3|{{{Image3}}}}}}]]}}{{#switch:{{{image4|{{{Image4|empty}}}}}}|empty|Blank.GIF|blank.GIF=|#default=   [[image:{{{image4|{{{Image4}}}}}}]]}}{{#switch:{{{image5|{{{Image5|empty}}}}}}|empty|Blank.GIF|blank.GIF=|#default=   [[image:{{{image5|{{{Image5}}}}}}]]}}
{{datarow|datacolspan=2|title=[[Armor Class|AC]] bonus:|data={{{Acbonus}}}}}
{{data2row|[[Damage]] Type|[[Damage Resistance]]|[[Damage Threshold]]|dataclass=FO3-infobox-title}}
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