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Párbeszéd fájl
Ez itt a játékban található párbeszédfájl másolata. Egy olyan fájlé, amely játékon belüli üzeneteket tartalmaz a scriptekhez és dolgokhoz rendelve, vagy az NJK párbeszédeit tartalmazza.
{100}{}{You see Lyle.}
{101}{}{So you're the water thief! You traitor!}
{102}{}{I'm so glad that the ordeal is over. Thank you.}
{103}{}{Hello, }
{105}{}{Hello, Lyle. How are you holding up?}
{106}{}{We're doing all right here. But I hope that you find the water chip soon.
 Everybody's on edge and we don't have much time.}
{108}{}{Not so good. Ever since I had one of my water rations stolen the other day,
 things have been going downhill. Everybody is getting scared and nobody knows
 what to do.}
{109}{}{That's too bad. I hope things get better.}
{110}{}{I'll take a look and see what I can do.}
{111}{}{Yeah, I hope so too.}
{112}{}{Thanks. I sure hope you can get to the bottom of this. And please hurry and
 find a new water chip. This craziness wouldn't have happened at all if we had
 a working chip!}
{113}{}{Thanks for catching that thief. You're doing a good job. But please
 hurry and find the chip, or it won't matter!}
{114}{}{How could you betray us like this? Leave me alone!}