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Skylanes Air was an airline carrier that was known to operate in the United States before the Great War.


Shortly before the war, the company began an illegal smuggling operation for certain paying clients, transporting items such as guns, ammunition, chems, cash, and even fusion cores aboard passenger flights in a hidden compartment. On October 23rd, 2077, many Skylanes flights across the country powerlessly plummeted to the ground due to shockwaves and EMPs from the nuclear blasts. During the 23rd century, a woman named Ness learned of Skylanes' actions, and spent years secretly searching the American wastelands for Skylanes flight wrecks to loot the smuggled items and sell them, with one associate named VB helping her discover new wrecks. By 2287, she had arrived in the Commonwealth to trace Skylanes Flight 1981, which crash landed not far southwest of Lake Quannapowitt. Another known Skylanes flight was Flight 1665, a flight to Boston from the west which crashed several miles south of Natick, in what is now the Glowing Sea.


Skylanes Air is mentioned in Fallout 4 and its add-on Far Harbor.

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