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La Seringue de Pax est un type de munition dans Fallout 4.


La seringue de Pax est une petite seringue semblable à celle d'une fléchette de tranquillisant. Elle n'est considéré comme une munition puisque qu'elle se trouve dans la section soin de l'inventaire et dispose d'un poids.


The syringe has a chance to make the target non-hostile for 30 seconds. While it says "chance", this appears to always work.Modèle:Verify

The state of non-hostility is terminated by acts of aggression against the target. For example, if the target is damaged by the Sole Survivor or a Companion, the target resumes its hostile state.Modèle:Verify

In addition to the benefits of having one less enemy, albeit temporarily, non-hostile means the enemy won't be trying to search for you if stealthed, and they can be pickpocketed (useful for e.g. stealing the fusion core out of an enemy in power armor, forcing them to exit).


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Armes utilisant cette munition



  • Pax is the Latin word for "peace" and is the Roman goddess of peace.
  • This may also be an indirect reference to "The PAX" in the television series Firefly by Joss Whedon.

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