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The bathrobe is an outfit in Fallout 4.


The bathrobe appears as an ankle length blue robe with white details and brown slippers. It provides a bonus of 2 points to Charisma while worn, but cannot have armor pieces worn over it.

The bathrobe can be upgraded with the ballistic weave mod.


  • A bathrobe may be found on the shelves at Monsignor Plaza.
  • Worn by Mr. Smith in the prologue.
  • Sold by Anne Hargraves.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Two bathrobes can be found at Aldersea Day Spa, in two of the side rooms of the main floor.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH.png Harbor Grand Hotel's 2nd floor, after passing through a hole in wall from the "kitchen," the player character emerges in a bedroom (adjacent to hallway with a Vault-Tec lunchbox). When entering from the east, to the right of the bed, on the floor, is the bathrobe.
  • Gametitle-FO4 CC.png Worn by Candy.


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