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Marc Tardif est co-studio director chez Bethesda Game Studios, il a travaillé sur Fallout 76 ainsi que sur les extensions Nuclear Winter.[1] et Wastelanders.[2]

Historique emploiModifier

??Gearbox Software
?2007Ritual Entertainment
2007PrésentBethesda Game Studios Austin, (anciennement Escalation Studios)Co-Founder/Studio Director


Séries FalloutModifier

AnnéeTitreCrédité en tant que/pour
2018Fallout 76Additional Studio Director
2019Nuclear WinterCo-Studio Director
2020WastelandersCo-Studio Director

Autres travauxModifier

AnnéeTitreCrédité en tant que/pour
1999Half-Life: Opposing ForceMarketing
2002Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3Developer
2003Halo: Combat EvolvedProducer
2005Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30PR/Marketing Director
Multiplayer Producer
2005Brothers in Arms: Earned in BloodPR/Marketing Director
2006Brothers in Arms: D-Day
2009BorderlandsAdditional Developer
2011RageAdditional Online Work
2018The Elder Scrolls: BladesAdditional Studio Director


  1. The devs behind Fallout 76's battle royale mode play Fortnite, but here's how they made Nuclear Winter their own
  2. "Wastelanders wasn’t even on our radar": the Fallout 76 community is the reason we're getting human NPCs
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