Lexington is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Lexington was once a historic town northwest of Boston, remembered for its role in the American Revolutionary War.[1] By 2077, Lexington was an industrial hub known by its nickname of "Corvega Town" thanks to the presence of the large Corvega assembly plant. An overpass for the elevated highway was built through Lexington, dividing the town, and many buildings were retrofitted to act as structural support.[2]

After the Great War, Lexington's ruins became a raider stronghold until the abundance of feral ghouls forced most of the raiders to abandon it, leaving only a small group led by Jared in the Corvega assembly plant.


The town of Lexington is split into two halves by the overpass, with the southern half being comprised almost entirely of the Corvega assembly plant which is now the base of operations for a gang of raiders. The northern half houses the town center, known as the Battle Green, a community park with a Minuteman statue to commemorate the Battle of Lexington. A large, partially rusted sign welcomes visitors to Lexington while the rest of the city is filled with ruined residential and commercial buildings.

The overpass itself can be accessed just outside of the Corvega assembly plant by climbing the collapsed roadway. On it, one can find a series of makeshift shelters containing chems and even a locked safe inside the tower adjacent that also contains a car that can explode if shot at by the nearby raiders. A basketball court with a dead settler hanging from the hoop is located nearby.

Just beyond the large sign is an elevated catwalk with some chems, a sleeping bag, and a nearby chemistry station patrolled by a power-armored raider with a Fat Man who is likely to fire it at the feral ghouls in the area. This catwalk can be accessed by climbing the adjacent tower.

Close to the overpass north of the Corvega assembly plant is a small Red Rocket gas station with a weapons workbench and a power armor station. Next to the Red Rocket gas station lies the Mass Chemical building. Inside, just outside the stairwell leading to a bridge with ghouls, is a weapons workbench.

Lexington Pharmacy can be found to the east, under the large overpass. Moving further east behind the raider barricade will reveal an abandoned bus stop. Super Duper Mart and Lexington Bank can be found on the northwest outskirts of town while Mystic Pines is situated adjacent to the overpass. Lexington apartments can be found to the southeast of the Battle Green under the overpass. Slocum Joe's is near the Super Duper Mart, across from the parking garage. The basement is the exit for the quest Tradecraft.

Notable loot

  • A Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine inside the northwest end of the Super Duper Mart, right of the Milton General Hospital poster, near the pharmacy in a magazine rack.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles in the northeast end of the Super Duper Mart, inside a box, next to each other.
  • A mini nuke can be found cradled in the arms of a soldier's skeleton curled up in a Pulowski Preservation shelter near the diner.
  • Power armor - From the fast travel spot, head north until you come upon a railway track. Following the rails, to the southwest, one will soon find several overturned train cars. The power armor waits in a (master) locked cage on a flatbed near a large blue train car. A nearby advanced terminal needs to be hacked to access the armor.
  • Fat Man - On the walkway where the raider with the power armor is patrolling originally, the Fat Man can be found. It can have one mini nuke loaded in itself already and the power armor raider can have one mini nuke on his person.
  • A fusion core in the Super Duper Mart can be found in the back-most room of the store just before going down the stairs to the garage. It is located in a power console.
  • It is possible to harvest a fusion core and a raider power armor every few game days from the power-armored raider that hangs out behind the Slocum's Joe billboard. If you carefully scale the scaffolding on the building on the right side of the billboard you can sneak up on the raider and pickpocket the fusion core, forcing the raider to exit the armor for an easier kill. Then you can steal the armor and be on your way. When next to the Corvega assembly plant, the billboard is for Nuka-Cola, and the building on the left should be scaled.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox in the lower level of the parking garage near the Super Duper Mart, inside a car wreck. Another lunchbox can be found behind a desk in a "Liquors" building, which is in the south of Lexington beneath a Nuka-Cola billboard. Acquiring the lunchbox requires an easy jump up from the first floor onto the partially demolished second floor. Another can be found in the Super Duper Mart in the northeast room behind a Nuka-Cola on a high shelf.
  • An overdue book can be found in the Faded Glory laundromat in the west part of town, next to the Slocum Joe's.


Once the quest Tradecraft has started, it is possible to find synth guards, accompanied by at least one machinegun turret, inhabiting the Slocum Joe's doughnut shop at the north entrance to the area. They may trip the landmines in the area and possibly kill themselves.


Lexington appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Lexington is based on the real-world town of Lexington, Massachusetts, located less than 11 miles to the northwest from Boston, where the first battle of the American Revolutionary War was fought.




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  1. Museum of Freedom placard: "This mural commemorates the many sacrifices of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. From Lexington and Concord to the shores of Iwo Jima, from the Sea of Tranquility to the Anchorage Front Line, Americans have fought and died through the ages to secure our nation's freedom. May their sacrifices remind us all that freedom is a privilege afforded to the many, yet hard won by a noble few."
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