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Geneva est la secrétaire du Maire McDonough, vivant à Diamond City en 2287.


She is the secretary of Mayor McDonough and can mostly be found in her office right next to the mayor. Some residents of Diamond City believe she may be a synth. According to entries on Doc Crocker's terminal, Geneva had birthmarks removed surgically against Crocker's protests, as he feels she is naturally perfect.

Interactions avec le personnage joueur

Vue d'ensemble des interactions

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Ce personnage est essentiel. Les personnages essentiels ne peuvent être tués.
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Ce personnage démarre des quêtes.
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Ce personnage est impliqué dans des quêtes.


Autres interactions

  • Geneva will sell the player character a clé for a house in Diamond City known as Home Plate for two thousand caps.
  • Following the purchase of Home Plate she will only reply that she is very busy and has other matters to attend to when spoken to.


Tenue(s) Arme(s) Autre(s) objet(s)
Geneva's ensemble Arme de fortune - Pistolet


During Getting a Clue, Piper and Geneva have a discussion where Piper makes a comment on Mayor McDonough and Geneva having an affair. After completing In Sheep's Clothing, Geneva somberly reveals that she was aware of the rumors circulating about her and McDonough, but claims he was just as much a mystery to her as to anyone, and that she had a poor opinion of his temper.


Geneva apparaît uniquement dans Fallout 4.


  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png If you buy the house before asking for work, the option that adds the quest to check out the wanted posters, will no longer be available as no further conversation with Geneva is possible after that point.[vérifié]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png During the quest In Sheep's Clothing, Geneva may become hostile when the player attempts to fight Mayor McDonough. A workaround for this is to let Piper kill her.[vérifié]
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