Circuits imprimés

Les Circuits imprimés sont des composants d'artisanat dans Fallout 4 et Fallout 76.


High-tech computer parts consisting of thin plastic wafers etched with metal wiring. Circuitry is mainly used for high-tech weapon modifications, as well as building turrets and other high-end electronics for settlements.


Matériaux :Équipement Requis :Produit :
Miscellaneous object (see below)
Circuitry (varies)
Original item Yield Weight Yield/W
Assaultron circuit board 5 2 2.5
Circuitry 1 0.3 3.33
Shipment of 25 units 25 0
Shipment of 50 units 50 0
Condenser power module Modèle:Icon 5 2 2.5
Distress pulser 1 1 1
Enhanced targeting card 2 0.2 10
Hot plate 2 3 0.67
Military-grade circuit board 5 2 2.5
Telephone 2 3 0.67


  • Circuitry is a bit harder to come by, but with it marked as searched the Sole Survivor should find it rather easily. The best place to get some circuitry is in destroyed turrets, which the player character should come across around Diamond City, or during missions.
  • The following merchants all sell shipments of 25 circuitry:
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