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T-51b powered Infantry armor or power armor represented the peak of armored infantry technology before the Great War. Now, only the most technologically advanced factions with ties to the pre-Great War American military or federal government, such as the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave, have access to this type of power armor.


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The T-51b was developed in the laboratories of the West Tek Research Facility. At the end of the Anchorage Reclamation in January 2077, the armor had become standard issue for American soldiers in the Army's Mechanized Cavalry Regiments.




Map Location Description
Lost Hills

1. Reward from Talus for rescuing an initiate (Requires 16 reputation).
2. Repair a damaged suit on level three.
3. Boxes in locked storeroom. (2 suits)

Note: After the first lockpick attempt all nearby Brotherhood members turn hostile. Senior Paladins and Senior Scribes do not come out the storeroom, so the second attempt is impossible (when closing in on the door, battle starts).

  • The initiate is in the Old Town section of the Hub. He will be located in the building directly below the entry point. He can be freed by killing his guards.
  • Will require a Repair check to complete the suit.

Fallout 2Modifier

Map Location Description
Brotherhood of Steel bunker Locker in the storeroom.
Mariposa Military Base Locker in the armory, level 2.
Enclave Oil Rig Locker in the barracks armory.
San Francisco Store in San Francisco.



Fallout 2Modifier

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