Orange Colored Sky es una canción de Stan Kenton y Nat King Cole, escuchada en el anuncio de televisión de Fallout: New Vegas. No se sabe si será escuchado en el juego.


I was walking along, minding my business

When out of an orange-colored sky

Flash! bam! alakazam!

Wonderful you came by

I was humming a tune, drinking in sunshine

When out of that orange-colored view

Wham! bam! alakazam!

I got a look at you

One look and I yelled "timber"

"watch out for flying glass"

'cause the ceiling fell and the bottom fell out

I went into a spin and I started to shout,

"I've been hit, this is it, this is it!"

I was walking along minding my business

When love came and hit me in the eye

Flash! bam! alakazam!

Out of an orange-colored sky.


Stan Kenton & Nat King Cole - ORANGE COLORED SKY

Stan Kenton & Nat King Cole - ORANGE COLORED SKY

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