Vorlagen-Dokumentation (Für die oben gezeigte Vorlage, manchmal unsichtbar oder versteckt.)

This template returns the name of a page without disambiguation suffixes.

Hilfsvorlage für {{Infobox}}.


{{pagename nd|name of page}}


optionalIcon optional
(default: "{{PAGENAME}}")
<unnamed 1>
The page the name of which should be stripped of disambiguation suffixes. By default, this is the name of the current page.
optionalIcon optional
Display options for the returned string. Multiple options can be specified, separated by commas (",").

Available choices:

  • withns: Makes the returned string include the namespace of the page.


{{pagename nd}}

returns: Pagename nd

{{pagename nd|options=withns}}

returns: Vorlage:Pagename nd

{{pagename nd|Example page (Fallout 3)}}

returns: Example page

Dokumentation transkludiert aus Vorlage:Pagename nd/doc.
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