Der Villa Clinic ist ein Ort im Mojave-Ödland.



The entrance is the main lobby of the clinic. One of Dean's secret stashes is found in the southeast corner, behind some red chairs. A hologram security terminal is next to the door, and can alter the security parameters of the clinic. Behind the reception desk are the bathrooms. To the left of the entrance are stairs that lead to the second floor and to the right is the main hallway with examination rooms. The room on the immediate right is filled with mannequins with explosive collars attached, along with several headless corpses lying on gurneys. The assassin suit along with a cosmic knife is on a counter on the left side of the room. The hallway that branches to the left is the Auto-Doc wing, containing six Auto-Docs, and Christine. Continuing straight down the hall from the lobby leads to another stairway upstairs and a stairway downstairs to the basement.


Down the stairs is a single main room. In the room is a workbench. Next to the bench are some shelves with a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine in it. The terminal to turn off the power (which keeps the shielded speakers in the clinic running) is also located in this room.


An exit to the medical district is found at the top of the stairs near another hologram security terminal. A hologram guard patrols this area that contains the six physician's offices. The emitter that turns off the hologram is on the west side of the hall next to the middle office door. There are several Sierra Madre vending machine codes found throughout the offices.

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The Villa Clinic appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

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