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   At the end of the Divide, through the trenches and wreckage - that's where you'll find me. My new home, here, amongst dead men. 
– Ulysses

Ulysses' Tempel ist ein Ort in der Kluft im Fallout: New Vegas Add-On Lonesome Road. Es ist das Zuhause von Ulysses und sein Schrein zur alten Welt. Der "Tempel" ist das größte nukleare Raketensilo der Kluft, fähig mehrere Nuklear-Raketen auf einmal zu starten.


The anteroom of the Temple has two doors that require a key to enter. There is no key. The console will open them. Once the sentry bots and turrets are defeated, the computer terminal will unlock the second pod, releasing ED-E.

The third door that is passed through leads to a missile complex which is in a countdown to launch, with an Old World flag towards the far end. Ulysses will be standing before the flag the first time the player character enters. There are six other nuclear missiles, three in holding frameworks in a pit to the left and three in holding frameworks in a pit to the right. On the main level is a wide array of consoles, plus the launch control console Ulysses used to prepare the loaded missile prior to the player character's arrival. It is accessed after convincing Ulysses to stand down, or killing him. There are two eyebot control consoles used to shut down or reprogram the repair and medical eyebots, with one console at the far end of each missile pit. Unless they are shut down or reprogrammed, Ulysses will make use of the eyebots during the battle against him. The consoles are inactive until Ulysses is spoken to. Shutting down the eyebots requires a Science OR Repair skill of 100. Reprogramming them to fight against Ulysses requires a Science AND a Repair skill of 100. There are six loose warheads scattered throughout the chamber to be detonated for the Warhead Hunter challenge. The warheads on the missiles themselves do not detonate.

Bemerkenswerte Beute

  • Alter Ruhm, Ulysses' duster, and Ulysses' mask, all carried by Ulysses. He does not have be killed for them to be obtained. They will be present in the footlocker at the canyon wreckage after Lonesome Road is completed.


Ulysses' Tempel kommt nur im Fallout: New Vegas Add-On Lonesome Road.