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Lieutenant Thomas Morgan ist einer der Soldaten in dem U.S. Army field headquarters during the Anchorage Rückgewinnungssimulation in 2277.


Lieutenant Morgan is a young officer inside the command tent of U.S. field headquarters on the outskirts of the main battlefield. He is witty, sometimes needling, but always professional, and he assists you with knowledge on current objectives and obstacles you may encounter. Offering hints at the best types of weaponry and Strike Teams to pick for particular missions, Morgan is a valuable asset and a keen soldier.[1]

Thomas Morgan is the only known member of the Intelligence Corps. As such, he works in counter-intelligence, deterring the Chinese from doing some serious damage. He got the intel about the Chimera depot as well as the troop positions in the mining town, ice camp, and listening post.

Interaktionen mit dem Spielercharakter

Allgemein Dienstleistungen Quests
Wichtig: jaIcon check
  • always
Versklavbar: neinIcon nein
Begleiter: neinIcon nein
Prämie: neinIcon nein
Händler: neinIcon nein
Reparateur: neinIcon nein
Doktor: neinIcon nein
vermietet Betten/Zimmer: neinIcon nein
Startet Quests: neinIcon nein
An Quests beteiligt: neinIcon nein


Sonstige Interaktionen

  • He refers to your strike team as "Patterson's suicide team". If asked about why he calls it that, he simply states that his humor is the only way he can cope with the cold.


Kleidung Waffen Weitere Gegenstände im Todesfall
Wintertaugliche Kampfrüstung


  • It is unknown whether the Lieutenant is related to Defender Morgan in Fort Independence.
  • He carries a 10-mm-Pistole skinned with the Wasteland version graphics, instead of the pre-War version typical in the simulation. He cannot be induced to draw the weapon, nor can it be pickpocketed from him.

Bemerkenswerte Zitate


Thomas Moragn kommt nur in der Simulation im Operation: Anchorage Add-on für Fallout 3 vor.


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