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Steinbruch von Northwood Ridge
Icon quarry
Steinbruch von Northwood Ridge
Teil vonDie Insel
Cell NameNorthwoodRidgeQuarryExt
DLC03NorthwoodRidgeQuarry01 (Innen)
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Northwood Ridge Quarry local map
Gametitle-FO4 FH
Gametitle-FO4 FH

Der Steinbruch von Northwood Ridge ist ein Ort auf Mount Desert Island im Jahr 2287.


The quarry is inhabited by many trappers. The center area of the quarry is comprised of a water filled ditch containing a number of mirelurks, along with an array of explosives which can be triggered from a safe distance via a button located on the balcony of a shack overlooking the quarry on the north end. The explosives can be detonated repeatedly, effectively killing any mirelurks staying in the ditch. Once all mirelurks have been dispatched, a mirelurk queen will emerge from the watery ditch, upon which the explosives will no longer work, therefore the queen must be taken out via a different method. There are also several shacks towards the west side of the quarry, one of which has a tension trigger connected to its door, releasing a frag grenade upon opening unless disabled.

The interior area of the quarry can be accessed by a door in the north east area, at the back wall of a smaller area of the ditch littered with mirelurk eggs. Inside is a small tunnel with a sizeable amount of trappers located on a large wooden support at the back of the cave. At the back wall on the supports there is a steamer trunk.

Nennenswerte Beute

  • Islander's Almanac issue # 1 (5% less damage from mirelurk melee attacks) - On a table at the foot of the bed next to the steamer trunk in the interior area. Use caution if you use frag grenades, as the explosion may dislodge the magazine causing it to become un-obtainable, and you will need to load an earlier save.
  • Fusion core - Inside the booby trapped shack to the southwest.
  • Northwood Quarry notes - Note 1 is in the same booby-trapped shack on a desk. Note 2 is lying on a table in the large shack assembly in the quarry's center.
  • Mini nuke - Inside the main shack, to the left after entering.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - On the roof of the main shack, next to a garden gnome with a lit cigar in his mouth.


Der Steinbruch von Northwood Ridge erscheint nur in dem Fallout 4 Add-On Far Harbor.


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