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Spinnendrohne sind Roboter beschäftigt von der Chinesischen Armee in der Anchorage Rückgewinnungssimulation in dem Fallout 3 Add-On Operation: Anchorage.


These robots serve as mobile landmines for the Chinese army. Their method of attack is to approach enemy targets and explode. They are only encountered briefly during the quest "Paving the Way" and thus, there is very little information to be gathered on them.

According to a Chinese terminal entry, the model encountered in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation is designated "spider drone Mk VI prototype", and are air dropped via bombers.


A Chinese terminal entry advises their own soldiers to be careful around the drones, even though they are configured to only attack Americans. Additionally, you will occasionally see a Chinesischer Soldat fighting one of these on the way to the Chimera Armor Depot, suggesting that the prototypes might still suffer from problems with its combat inhibitor, or might even lack one entirely.


Name (Base ID)StatistikenVerhaltenFähigkeitenGegenstände
Spider drone
Aggressiv: Greift Feinde bei Sicht an.Icon required.pngIcon optional.pngIcon optional.png
Feige: Wird immer Kämpfe meiden/davor fliehen.Icon optional.pngIcon optional.pngIcon optional.pngIcon optional.png
Hilft niemanden: Wird niemanden helfen.Icon optional.pngIcon optional.png


  • Spider drones move fairly fast, so it's best to shoot them at range when you have a clear shot. You can hear them making metal clinking sounds when they are nearby.
  • They have very low Hit Points. The player can usually destroy one with a few assault rifle rounds.
  • They will explode upon death, killing any other spider drones nearby, and inflicting damage to anything in close vicinity.
  • Targeting the spider drones at any distance greater than a few feet with V.A.T.S. may prove difficult, as the drones are very small targets and thus a lower chance to hit ranging from 0% at more than 20 feet to about 50% at about 5 feet.
  • The body of the drone is the unused model of the cryo mine.
  • When traveling with a three man fire team, the team will generally destroy the mines before they can get close enough to harm the player.


Spider drones appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage. A modified version appears to be a projectile for the cut spider rifle weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas Add-On, Old World Blues.


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