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Der Salida del Sol Hof ist ein Ort im Sierra Madre, im Add-On Dead Money.


Der Hof befindet sich im südöstlichen Teil von Salida del Sol Nord. Den Schlüssel zum Tor findet man im Hof, neben einem Skelett und einer Kiste.


The courtyard is a part of Salida del Sol Nord, the other part being Campanas del Sol. The courtyard is a square cross shaped area with a defunct fontain at the center. It has two exits to Salida del Sol Süd. The west exit has a skeleton with the entrance key near to it, with buildings three stories high, and the exit in the northeast corner has a dining area in the basement.

Bemerkenswerte Beute

  • 1 Dean's Secret Stash - in the northwest corner of the courtyard near the automatic rifle, by the water where all the Sierra Madre chips are.
  • 1 automatic rifle next to a corpse in the water with all the chips.


Der Salida del Sol Hof kommt nur im Fallout: New Vegas Add-On, Dead Money vor.