Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls
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Paradise Falls loc
Paradise Falls
Cutters Klinik
Eulogys Bude
Lock and Load
Barracken der Sklavenhändler
AnführerEulogy Jones
HändlerLock and Load (Waffen)
QuestsAlles rein geschäftlich
Alles extrem profitabel
Rettung aus dem Paradies
Ökonomie der Gewalt
Der Kinder-Kidnapper
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0002f224 (entrance)
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Paradise Falls ist eine umgebaute, im Stil einer Geschäftsstraße verwandelte Oase für Sklavenhändler im Ödland der Hauptstadt, mit Geschäftsbeziehung zu weiteren Sklavenhandel in The Pitt. Es ist eine ständige Quelle der Angst für viele Bewohner des Ödlands.


Laut Herbert Dashwood's Computer, umfasste Paradise Falls' ehemalige Sklavenhändler Penelope Chase und Harmon Jurley. Harmon Jurley war der Anführer von Paradise Falls um 2250. Ab 2277, ist Paradise Falls unter Führung von Eulogy Jones.

Paradise Falls is guarded by and serves as a home to a cadre of battle-hardened slavers. The inhabitants of Paradise Falls are infamous for their incursions into Big Town, and on rare occasions, into Little Lamplight. The slavers are also known to seize random wastelanders, and the town is mentioned in the The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood program on Galaxy News Radio.

Paradise Falls can be found by traveling almost directly north from Vault 101, Arefu or Vault 106. It is located to the west of Minefield, and is recognizable from a distance by its most prominent landmark, a gigantic statue of a Big Boy-esque mascot holding an ice cream cone.


Paradise Falls is a roughly square strip mall style compound, protected by makeshift walls of stacked derelict vehicles. The few buildings that are still in use have been converted a bit to suit the slavers' needs.

Once the Lone Wanderer enters through the city bus gate, they can follow a path to the right into the compound. On the left of the immediate entrance is a weapons shop, Lock and Load, and to the right is Cutter's clinic and the slaver barracks. Once in the "main area", on the right is a makeshift bar and grill, that was once a "RobCo Parts" store.

To the left is Eulogy's Pad, a converted movie theater. Further in are the slave pens, and just to the right of those, a single-person Pulowski Preservation shelter that has been refitted into a cruel holding cell named "The Box".



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