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Dies ist das Transkript von einer Dialog- oder Nachrichtendatei, eine Datei welche den Dialog von einem Nicht-Spieler-Charakter in einem gegebenen Spiel oder einer Ingame-Nachricht verbunden zu Skripten und Gegenständen enthält.
Icon cut content.pngFolgendes basiert auf Fallout Geschnittener Inhalt und wurde nicht durch Kanon Quellen bestätigt.

Dies ist eine Dialogdatei für Peter, einem geschnittenen Anhänger der Apokalypse.


{100}{}{You see Peter, leader of the Follower Scouts.}
{101}{}{What are you doing around here? Can't you see we are busy?}
{103}{}{I am sorry. I will go now.}
{104}{}{Can I help you with anything?}
{105}{}{Who can I talk to about giving my assistance.}
{106}{}{Great. I'm busy, and I get a moron tailing me. Go look for Jake
 if you need someone to talk to.}
{107}{}{Sure. You can start by getting out of my way.}
{108}{}{Certainly. Anything else?}
{109}{}{There must be something more I can do.}
{110}{}{Do not throw me to the side.}
{111}{}{Yes. You can get out of here.}
{112}{}{Fine. It doesn't look like I will get rid of you any other way.
 It seems that we are having a security problem. You want to help, you
 find the problem.}
{113}{}{Okay. Will do.}
{114}{}{Forget it!}
{115}{}{Fine. Get out then!}
{116}{}{Look, we have a breach in security. We need to find this breach and end it.}
{117}{}{Ok. Will do.}
{118}{}{Forget it!}
{119}{}{Do I look like a guide. Go talk to Jake if you are looking for a guide.}
{120}{}{Leave. i am trying to finish up a little work.}
{121}{}{We need that spy gone. Hurry up!}
{122}{}{Good job on taking out Heather. I should have known it was her.
 She always seemed to disappear in the raids. Here, take this and go.}