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Gametitle-FO3 BS

Old Olney S. Wilson-Gebäude ist ein eingestürztes Bürogebäude im Fallout 3 Add-On Broken Steel das durch den Untergrund von Old Olney betreten werden kann.

Als ein Teil der Quest Schreckfaktor, durchläuft der Einsamer Wanderer diesen Bereich um den Untergrund des Olney-Kraftwerk zu erreichen. Dieser Bereich wird von vier Soldaten der Enklave bewohnt, die mittels eines Vertibird vor dem Einsamen Wanderer dort ankommen.

Bemerkenswerte Beute

  • Two of the rare police hats can be found here. One is in an office near a cash register, and another is in the center of the room perched above the toilet on a piece of concrete jutting out from a supporting column. Standing on the empty deathclaw cage enables access to the latter one.
  • Two Mini-Atombomben, sitting on a ledge inside of the fallen length of radio tower in the center of the area. To retrieve them, you can either shoot them off the ledge and then gather them from the floor below; or make your way up to the east side of the highest level of the building and jump into the length of tower's open end.

Interessante Orte


  • An Enclave Vertibird is on the highest level, inaccessible to the player. If fired upon, it will catch on fire and then attempt to flee shortly before exploding.
  • The level just below the Vertibird is inaccessible. Accessing it on the PC version via console commands reveals that there are missing walls and no loot (except for the randomly-generated contents of a few desks and/or filing cabinets).
  • Via console commands, one can find a gnome holding an iron next to an ironing board with a teddy bear on it. Disabling clipping allows a player to go through the wall beyond the stairs which exit into the Powerworks, to find the otherwise inaccessible gnome.


Old Olney S. Wilson-Gebäude kommt nur im Fallout 3 Add-On Broken Steel vor.


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