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Die Nordkanalisation sind ein unbenannter Ort mit Ausgängen ins Mojave-Ödland,Westside, dem Platz von Nord-Vegas und dem Thorn.


Die Nordkanalisation wird von Einwohnern New Vegas bewohnt und sie ist mit der Zentralkanalisation mittels Rohren verbunden. [..] in the south, and to the the fighting arena of The Thorn in the west. There are several exits to the settlements around New Vegas via manholes in the north section of the sewer. On your map most exits are labeled Mojave Wasteland except those for Westside and North Vegas Square, this is because these exits are inside the walls of these settlements. The location of the exit is mentioned however when looking at the ladders. The exits that are labeled Mojave Wasteland from left to right on your map are: North Vegas Square (just outside the settlement, also very near the H&H Tools Factory), Freeside's North Gate and the Karminrote Karawanen-Kompanie. Greasy Johnny can be found in the west portion of the sewer.


Die Nordkanalisation kommt in Fallout: New Vegas vor.


  • xbox360xbox360 Sometimes entering through the manhole in Platz von Nord-Vegas will cause companions to become stuck. They will not be visible or able to follow you through the area, though upon exiting they will reappear and begin to follow you again. Entering through The Thorn causes no problems.
  • pcpc Sometimes ED-E attacks to New Vegas citizens without any reason.
  • xbox360xbox360 A humorous bug can occur where citizens can be seen swimming mid-air above the platforms in the same room as the East Central Sewers manhole.


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