Narg is one of three pre-made player characters available during character creation in Fallout 2.


Narg's exceptional physique has made him one of the best hunters in the tribe. Narg's first, and usually only, impulse is to crush anything that he can't figure out. Narg has become quite adept at crushing, and slicing, and dicing. Narg would like to prove his worthiness to lead the tribe and he'll let nothing stand in his way. Narg is a warrior by birth. A mighty constitution, great endurance and lightning-fast reflexes, as well as an excellent knowledge of the Wasteland made him one of the best hunters of the tribe. He has no fear left for the perils or long journeys. Spears and knives are Narg's weapons of choice. He is young, fearless, and determined to prove his loyalty to Arroyo, no matter the cost.


Narg only appears in Fallout 2.

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